Gifts for the furry ones


POSTED: Friday, December 12, 2008

Buddy uses Tropiclean Awapuhi scented shampoo. The unique blend of all natural botanicals brightens and moisturizes the fur coat of the half-Maltese/half Yorkshire terrier.

“;We buy that one because it smells the same as the Paul Mitchell line,”; said owner Teresa Fujita. “;I spend more money on him than I do myself,”; she said, noting that her pooch also has an extensive wardrobe. “;He has tons of clothes. When it's cold he wears his sweatshirts. We also buy him lots of treats.”;

Belle Lyons' furry friends, a Maltese named Stitch and a Chihuahua named Melmel, also enjoy their treats. “;They really like chicken and kiwi snacks and beef and sweet potato.”; Lyons finds the treats at a new local pet shop, 55 Pawsh Place in Kapolei.

Although Buddy, Stitch and Melmel all receive an abundance of gifts on a regular basis, they can still expect something special for the holidays.

Buddy will find a bunch of balls under the Christmas tree and a stocking full of treats. “;He's a fanatic ball player,”; said Fujita, noting that his ball supply is restocked on an annual basis.

Stitch and Melmel will receive squeaky squirrels in a tree trunk and balls to chase, among many treats and toys. Lyons also ordered them special ceramic food dishes in the shape of martini glasses, but they won't arrive until January.

Local pet shops are happy to oblige pet owners with a tendency to pamper.

David Souza, owner of 55 Pawsh Place, has created a lifestyle store for pets. “;We have more natural stuff, like the treats and shampoos,”; he said. “;We are also bringing in bedding and more green products.”; The store opened recently in the Halekuai Shopping Center, across the street from the Kapolei Shopping Center.

Heather Waldemar, manager of True Friends, maintains a large clothing collection in her Ala Moana specialty store—from fancy matching muumuu, hat and leash sets to UH bling shirts. “;I try to look for things that are realistic, not necessarily whimsical,”; she said. “;I'm picky about the quality of clothing that we sell. I want things to survive more than one wash. We also make sure that there will be no hazards to the pets, no danger in the dyes and inks.”;

Waldemar also sells locally made aloha wear. “;We want to maintain a boutique-like feel but include handcrafted items that are fun for pets and owners.”;