KITV anchor rocks with Queen and Paul Rodgers


POSTED: Sunday, November 30, 2008

The new Queen + Paul Rodgers CD has an unexpected Hawaii connection - KITV anchor Jill Kuramoto.





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Hers is the first voice heard on the “;Surf's Up ... School's Out”; track.

She has not started a new career as front-woman for a U.K.-based rock band, though the idea presents an entertaining visual.

Rather, it is Kuramoto's speaking voice, talking about a high surf warning and “;some of the biggest waves of the season”; that drew surfers and spectators to Oahu's North Shore.

The song is being played locally on KPOI-FM 105.9.

“;We are certainly the first station to play the track,”; said Brock Whaley, director of programming for Visionary Related Entertainment's Oahu radio stations.

“;I think we are the only station playing the track,”; perhaps in the country, he said. It was chosen for brief airplay for obvious reasons, because “;it's got the surf thing happening,”; Whaley said.

Searching the liner notes, Whaley could find no acknowledgment that it was Kuramoto's voice - or any identification.

The promotions department at Hollywood Records linked TheBuzz to Joshua J. Macrae, producer and engineer, who co-produced the album, “;The Cosmos Rocks.”;

“;The surf report I grabbed off You- Tube,”; he said via e-mail. He could not remember if the lady or the newscast was from Hawaii, but “;I think it was,”; he said.

The wave sound effects at the end of the epic song, “;were recorded in Cornwall, U.K., where I surf,”; Macrae said.

The scream, that evokes a feeling of hurtling down a monster wave, is not vocalist Paul Rodgers, but is Roger Taylor, he said.

He suggested a search of YouTube to find the newsclip he found, but it proved fruitless.

There are several videos of the song being performed live on YouTube, but the audio-only version of the song with Kuramoto's voice-over is also on the site.

A quick check of Hawaii TV station executives and Mike Rosenberg, president and general manager of KITV, confirmed that it was Kuramoto.

Whoops! As it turns out, permission was neither requested nor given to use her voice on the recording.

“;We are presently exploring our options,”; Rosenberg said. He and other station officials listened to the recording and “;we had the script.”; It was from a newscast last December, he said.

Rosenberg's e-mail address has been forwarded to Mr. Macrae.