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POSTED: Sunday, November 23, 2008

Online readers are able to respond immediately to Star-Bulletin stories through our Web forum, which can be accessed at the end of stories, editorials and columns at Below is a selection of forum comments that appeared last week. Most forum contributors use pseudonyms; their “;names”; have been omitted here.

  ”;Airport route in the lead, despite procedural delay,”; Star-Bulletin, Nov. 21: Just pick a spot about midway in all the proposed routes and start building. It does not really matter where it starts or ends because virtually no one will be riding it anyway, but the longer they postpone building it the more it will cost ... plus, they will be able to mothball it years earlier if they can finish it sooner.

  A half dozen grumbling Salt Lake residents does not an uproar make.

  I live Salt Lake. If I knew dat rail would change track, I would have voted against the rail. My friend said we got suckered to vote rail. I NO LIKE rail if not going through Salt Lake.

  Your forgetting the fed money and the tourists' general excise tax money.

People voted for rail, so let's get off that subject. It's now about Salt Lake vs. airport. Airport clearly has more advantages, including ridership and TOD (transit oriented development along rail route). I wish the state would step up, say will cover that 200 million, and put this baby to bed!

  ”;No driving and texting,”; Star-Bulletin, Nov. 20: Please include the any use of cell phones. Safety first! While crossing Kona Street near the Ala Moana Center recently, a young gal was using her cell phone while driving her huge SUV. She looked straight at me but wasn't seeing me. I tried to make eye contact but to no avail. I had to jump out of her way; she was too engrossed in her cell phone conversation.

  This law is long overdue and is already in place on military bases.

  What about putting on lipstick and mascara?

What about picking your nose?

What about reading the newspaper or a book?

What about email?

What about doing it while motionless in traffic?

What about giving someone the finger for the stupid thing they just did - like cutting me off since they were texting?

What about shaving?

These are all things seen on the roads!

  Why not a DWD (driving while distracted) bill? Fooling with the radio or fixing hair causes as many accidents.

  How the heck (does City Councilman Charles Djou, who introduced the bill) suppose police officers are going to determine whether or not the person is playing a game or dialing a number? If they have their heads buried that long in their phones, the (statutes) have something called inattention to driving to deal with the violator.

I agree that it is a problem, but Djou has introduced something that will be difficult, if not impossible, to enforce.

  There should be a ban on all idiots. The punks who blast their stupid stereos so loud that your car shakes, dummies on cell phones who can't talk and drive at the same time, Hollywood stoppers, excessive speeders, Ainokea attitude ... the list of idiots is endless! Only thing is that each and every one of us fit somewhere on this list at one time or another! Scratch that!

  ”;Pro surfer gets 3 days for punching officer”; (Star-Bulletin, Nov. 21): So the penalty for hitting a police officer is three days? It should be at least three years. Ridiculous.

  The best news in the story was that he would “;never be back here again.”; Good, if the word gets out and they all stay home. Idiots.

  Forget about the legal stuff. The Bra Boys? What's up with that name? No wonder they always get into fights.

  I hope if he has any sponsors from Hawaii they stop supporting this (guy) from down under. “;Down-underwear Boys,”; a much better name for them.

  Once again, this confirms how soft Hawaii's justice system really is.

  The officer was off duty and in plain clothes. I am not sticking up for the so-called pro surfer, but if you do not know you are hitting an officer, are you really hitting an officer? What is the punishment for assaulting the average Joe? If it is three days, the sentence was just; if a normal Joe would get 30 days for assaulting someone he should have received 30 days. The officer was an average Joe at the time of the assault. We need to look at the statute for assault.

  ”;Homeless services face challenges ahead”; (”;Our opinion,”; Star-Bulletin, Nov. 19):

(If) our state and city governments reduced their ridiculous overtaxing and overspending habits and made the cost of living lower, you could decrease the size of homelessness in Hawaii. A great percentage of people who are currently homeless are people who have jobs and have children yet do not have enough to make rent and pay the bills. Their only options are either to move in to a relative's house, camp out at the beach or live in their vans. Cut the size of government and reduce the high cost of living, which plagues Hawaii's residents and half the problem could be solved.

  The numbers of homeless in America have increase immensely lately and will be far larger in three years. Thanks to the Bush administration, which gave to the rich and stole from the poor. At least this clueless administration will leave and make way for the clueless Obama administration.

  ”;Renowned artist dies at 62,”; Star-Bulletin Nov. 20: Peggy Chun was a great woman who taught us much both before and after ALS. Rest in peace, Peggy. You now have giant canvasses on which to paint us gorgeous pictures.

  Enjoyed her touches around town, from murals at Sunset Grill, Compadres wall motifs to cards and prints. She was in the flow of all the color and imagery of our islands. One of a kind - will miss your refreshing, prolific output.

  An inspiration to all who knew her. Aloha, dear Peg.