Small details of ordinary life


POSTED: Monday, November 10, 2008

My photographs are the result of a discipline I discovered by chance as a teenager some 25 years ago. It is the simple practice of free and easy wandering with a camera and requires being attuned to the surrounding environment and its never-ending flow of surprises.

Through this practice, I discovered a way to free myself of mental chatter. The camera helps me stay grounded in the moment and receptive to the richness of the world. Without it, my mind easily reverts to what some meditation traditions call “;monkey mind.”;

Because my photographs are the result of this ongoing practice, they do not have a unifying theme based on subject or content. They are the result of chance encounters, fleeting moments with the unexpected.

And while this photographic approach does not always produce successful images, the photographs I end up printing are those that best reveal this precious, often unnoticed side of life. They are images that add meaning to Laotzu's statement: “;The secret of the Tao is found in the smallest detail of the ordinary day.”;