Q&A: What is Damien pride?


POSTED: Monday, November 10, 2008

; Chris Naylon
Class of 2010
“;Damien pride is fighting for Damien every week on that football field and showing you're a model student and a citizen off the field.”;


; Dominic Tom
Class of 2011
“;Damien pride is showing what you're made of: being athletic, smart, outgoing, and being a gentleman. Damien pride isn't about going to class and doing work, it's exploring one's unique talents and persevering to one's future life goals.


; Nate Coelho
Class of 2012
  “;Damien pride is going to practice every day and working hard because there is always someone out there working harder and in turn we have to work harder-er-er.”;


; Brian Walsh
Class of 2011
“;Damien pride is living out our school motto and being proud to be a Damien man. If we have true Damien pride we are following the example of Father Damien and serving others.”;


; Rusty Kauahikaua
Class of 2009
  “;Damien pride means being disciplined (and) hardworking while respecting others and being an outstanding student in and out of the classroom.”;


; Mr. Steve Lewis
Dean of students
Class of 1975
“;I can give you a one-word answer: 'Viriliter Age,' and living out your school motto.”;


; Christopher Santos
Class of 2011
“;Damien pride to me is being proud of the history of our school. Being proud of the founder and taking pride in the great deeds that Father Damien had accomplished. Damien pride is also having integrity and striving to be a true man of God.