District 38: Mililani Mauka


POSTED: Thursday, October 16, 2008


Marilyn Lee


Age: 68

Job: Registered nurse

Past: Central Oahu Caregivers Support Group head; neighbor-hood board chair

What is the most important issue facing your district, and what would you do about it?

In a recent community survey, my constituents indicated that crime prevention was a top priority. I will continue my involvement as legislative chair of “;Mililani Drug Free”; where we work to find solutions to the drug problem, which drives much crime. As vice chair of the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization, I will continue to work on traffic solutions, which is another pressing need in Central Oahu.


What qualifies you to be a state representative?

I have been active in the Mililani community for 27 years and have 35 years' experience in health care, including management experience. During my years in the Legislature, I have increased my knowledge of state government and made meaningful contributions to good public policy. I work hard, do my homework and understand the roles and responsibilities of an elected official. I love our state and my community and want to serve. 

What is one thing you would do in office to improve the local economy?

In tough economic times, many families do not have enough resources to sustain themselves for three months if there is job loss or a serious illness. I will work on asset building measures, which include encouraging savings, financial literacy and addressing the problem of predatory lending. 

Do you support convening a Constitutional Convention? Please explain.

The people will decide if we should have a Con Con. At present, I don't see an urgent need for a Con Con, especially if the cost is significant. 

Do you support Oahu's planned rail-transit system? Please explain.

I have been a long-time supporter of rail. Without rail, we in Central Oahu face gridlock by 2030. Rail has been successful in countries and cities around the world, and we should support it because it is for the future of our island and our young people. We should also do our best to develop all forms of public transportation and work to decrease our dependence upon fossil fuels. 

What can the Legislature do to improve Hawaii's public education?

My four children attended public schools. As a parent, I was involved in PTA, SCBM and School Community Council. Encouraging parent involvement would be one way to improve our schools. The Legislature should also make sure that universal pre-school becomes a reality because that is where success in school begins.  DID NOT RESPOND DIST. 38: Melvin Apana (R)

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