Today's edition| LOCAL NEWS: No agreement on drug tests; Nimitz homeless ousted; Mortgage woes blamed for this years' filings; Bad sports burn team but kids battle back; Judge delays ruling in sewage spill lawsuit; State weighs hospital deficit options; 'Typical setup' preceded fatal blow; Pentagon pulls strings to skirt cleanup orders; Boy with leukemia gets his wish; Brawl puts 1 in Queen's, 3 in jail; What's the Law? Dad's girlfriend worries children | FEATURES: USS Arizona's bell rings in unison July Fourth | SPORTS: Decathlon goes to Clay | BUSINESS: Go! posts $8.3 million loss; Mesa lawsuit postponed until April; Aqua Hotels takes over Park Shore in Waikiki; Australian company buys local testing lab | EDITORIAL: Civil unions would be minimal sequel to California ruling; | MAIN EDITION: Updated Mon. - Sat. between 2 and 5 a.m., at | Also BREAKING NEWS, updated live from the newsroom; SURF, WEATHER, updated hourly; plus CALENDARS and MOVIE LISTINGS; All BACK ISSUES since March 1996 are available for SEARCH | WEBTV & PDA VERSION