Makeup artist E'Jay updated model Angela Martin's look for fall. All makeup from Sephora.

Facing the fall

"Glacial chic" combines dark
eye-makeup with minimal lip
color and rosy cheeks

At Sephora, where fall's makeup colors are making their debut, director Jeannie Higa describes the new look as "glacial chic." It combines dark eye makeup with nude lips and rosy cheeks to prevent features from washing out against fashion's weighty palette.

With the right touch, you should look like a snow baby with a touch of frostbite. This is not something that occurs naturally in Hawaii's 70-degree winters. So you're gonna need product, such as Body & Soul's "Sensation" Face Glow ($28) for that blushing effect.


Left: Nars cream eyeshadows: Saturated colors glide on easily and go on as light or heavy as you please. Pictured is eggplant "Swing." Gilded bronze "Savage" also highlights the upper eyelid, inner corner, and bottom of the eye; $20 each. Right: Eyelashes: You'll need help to prevent your own eyelashes from disappearing against a palette of dark hues; Sugar's "Flirt" lashes are worn on the top lids; $7.50. On the bottom are Tish & Snooky's N.Y.C.'s "Gypsy Queen" glam lashes; $7.

Makeup artist E'Jay, who re-created the look on model Angela Martin, felt some trepidation in using the somber eye colors, such as deep shades of purple eggplant and deep green or gold-flecked olive.

"The colors are very dark," E'Jay said. "Maybe it's because we're at war and fashion is reflecting that mood. It's almost mourning chic. I don't enjoy it, but this is what's going on right now. It's part of the conservative turn-around."

On the upside, it also suggests mystery and glamour, which many women welcome.


Left: Stila "Peony" Convertible Color: Blendable dual lip and cheek cream adds a warm, sheer glow where needed; $20. Lorac "Nude" lipstick: With drama focused on the eyes, lips are more subdued; $17.50.

Eyes are finished with flirty lashes -- whether courtesy of mascara, false pairs or extensions (see story below) -- and a touch of gold all around. The latter is easy to achieve with Nars saturated gilded bronze "Savage" cream eye shadow ($20) or Laura Mercier's "Gold" metallic eye cream ($22 at Neiman Marcus).


Left: Body & Soul"Perfect Face" cream: Sets foundation to give it staying power; $32. Right: Diorskin Airflash: Now everyone can get that air-brushed look. This flawless foundation comes in a can as a spray-on mist that gives complexions a shimmery, dewy look; $60.


Other products used: Body & Soul Cover-up Cream ($18), Delux Beauty Nilla black eye liner ($14), Lorac "Lotsa Lash" fiber mascara ($19), and i.d. Bare Escentuals "True Gold" glimmer ($13) highlight cheeks.

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