Nadine sez...

While SUV drivers ponder the fate of their vehicles in the age of high gas prices, maybe it's time for all of us to examine and correct all of our mindless consumer habits, from accepting one plastic bag after another at grocery stores (bring back and re-use the old ones, people) to checking out thrift stores before heading to the mall (secondhand clothes can actually be washed to kill cooties).

At Maui Tacos, where little plastic cups are put out for self-serve sauces and toppings, most people fill four to 10 of the cups with various salsas, onions and cilantro without once thinking, "Why am I wasting so much plastic?"

Do the planet a favor and skip the plastic. All those condiments can be spooned directly onto that burrito.

» Place: Maui Tacos, 95-221 Kipapa Drive (623-9405) in Mililani and 539 Kailua Road (261-4155)

» Cost: Less than $10 per person

A Maui fish taco before and after salsa and cilantro.

Nancy sez ...

It's time to revisit the North Shore. The turtles are back at Laniakea and my son and I will take a walk along the beach to check them out. We'll make sure to keep our distance, since touching or bothering them disturbs their natural cycle. We'll probably stop at one of the shrimp trucks for a light lunch since we have to leave room for shaved ice, too. It'll probably be a "play-it-by-ear" weekend, so we'll have time to stop at anything that catches our eyes.

Michelle sez ...

Since the Palolo Valley 11th Annual Community Celebration, Palolo Pride, is near my neighborhood, I'll probably pop in to check out the farmers market and other highlights Saturday morning before going to Waikiki to cheer on my cousins at their soccer game. And, since I'll be in Waikiki, I may swing by the Hilton Hawaiian Village to see how long the line will be for the "Lost" autograph signing -- a benefit for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

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