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Question: Is there a Web site where I can go to find out about benefits for a surviving spouse?

Answer: The VA recently activated a new Web site aimed at surviving spouses of military members who died on active duty and surviving spouses of veterans who died after serving their country -- www.vba.va.gov/survivors. It not only has links to the VA pages describing survivor benefits but also to other government sites that may offer valuable information and assistance. For other general questions and inquiries, remember the main VA Web site is at www.va.gov.

Q: What health benefits and services are not covered by VA?

A: Abortions and abortion counseling; in vitro fertilization; drugs, biological, and medical devices not approved by the Food and Drug Administration unless the treating medical facility is conducting formal clinical trials under an investigational device exemption or an investigational new drug application, or the drugs, biologicals, or medical devices are prescribed under a compassionate use exemption, and gender alterations. VA does not cover hospital and outpatient care for a veteran who is either a patient or inmate in an institution of another government agency if that agency has a duty to give the care or services. VA does not cover memberships in spas and health clubs.

If you have questions about your benefits as a veteran, call Fred Ballard at the Veterans Affairs at 433-0049 or visit the VA Web site at www.va.gov/hawaii or the Star-Bulletin at 529-4747.

Gregg K. Kakesako, who covers military affairs for the Star-Bulletin, can be reached by phone at 294-4075 or by e-mail at gkakesako@starbulletin.com.

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