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How would Guardsmen get to Hawaii?

Hawaii better hope we don't get hit by a killer hurricane like Katrina. Who knows how long the Federal Emergency Management Agency or Homeland Security or whoever it is that is supposed to coordinate relief efforts for the federal government will take to get to Hawaii? We don't have the luxury of other National Guard units driving across the border to help. Maybe President Bush can do a low flyover on his way back from another one of his vacations and drop off food and water.

Al Fukumoto

Louisiana's resources squandered in Iraq

No wonder President Bush's poll numbers are sinking like a rock. He refuses to address global warming and its terrible effects on our weather. Hurricane seasons grow inexorably as each year passes. We are spending billions to fix up Baghdad just when we need those billions to fix up New Orleans. When members of the Louisiana National Guard left for Iraq in October, they took much-needed equipment with them: Dozens of Louisiana's high-water vehicles, Humvees, refuelers and generators are now abroad.

Lives and money squandered in failing policies in the Middle East are now compounded by natural disaster at home. Are we waking up to reality at last?

Stephen O'Harrow

Use police to protect players from drunks

Opponents want to ban the sale of beer at football games or other sports held at the Halawa stadium. This attempt to change policy is brought out because of a few unruly drunk fans. These cowards cower over the exit/entrance to the field and throw beer, soda or food down onto team members who must walk under and through to the locker room.

Are we to change a longstanding drinking policy because of disruptive behavior of a few out of thousands of good, law-abiding fans?

The solution is simple. Just before the team enters or exits, about a dozen or so police officers form a cordon around the egress. If a troublemaker is stupid enough to try to throw a beverage over or through a policeman, he/she would be arrested on the spot. The police could use pepper spray, if necessary.

This "control the egress" police security technique applies to a variety of sports played in covered auditoriums, such as basketball and volleyball.

Peter Erdman

Unity of purpose preferable to race

One can only hope that in September the well-deserved defeat of the Akaka Bill will take place. Though it is a worthy goal to try to maintain the status quo that existed prior to Rice v. Cayetano, the cost of this approach is too great.

When my grandfather told his family they were to stop speaking Hawaiian and speak only in English at home, it was accepting reality. They may have been loyal subjects of the kingdom of Hawaii but that same kingdom proved ineffective against the rush of modernity and Western culture.

In the same way, I see no group or entity outside of the elected state and federal governments worthy of administering the remaining assets of the kingdom. If these assets cannot be fairly administrated and distributed among those they were created to benefit, they should be liquidated or absorbed. It's better to give up "things" than people, and better to struggle for unity of purpose rather than the tawdry unity of race.

Paul Mossman

Gasoline price cap will make things worse

The Democrats' wholesale gas price cap looks like it was designed to fail. The Democrats are going to do to our gas stations what they already did to our schools.

For three simple reasons their price cap will not succeed. First, if gasoline wholesalers anticipate that the real market price will go above the cap, they will charge the maximum. Second, the wholesalers will supply less gas than otherwise at the "price cap" price, assuming the "price cap" price falls below the market price. Third, consumers will demand more gas at the below-market price than they otherwise would. As a result, the policy will only serve to exacerbate the problem. That is, increased demand for gas relative to a falling supply will result in even more upward pressure on prices and shortages at times.

Democrats in the state Legislature have imposed the highest gasoline taxes in the United States at more than 57 cents a gallon. A common-sense solution would be for Democrats to lower their exorbitant tax. Trying to change the laws of economics with paper and ink is bound to backfire.

Jess Craven

It's about time we got price relief at pumps

For too long, the big oil companies have forced us to pay high prices. The new gas cap is a refreshing step in the right direction. Finally, the people of Hawaii have a chance to see relief from exorbitantly high gas prices.

Opponents of the gas cap need to realize that the Public Utilities Commission will update prices weekly, which are tied to the larger construct of market forces. Thus there can be no significant negative effect to the oil industry.

This gas cap will benefit the people of Hawaii. I'm thankful for having Democratic leadership that is committed to seeing this plan through. I hope Governor Lingle will not resist this much-needed process.

Justin Woodson

All 12 boys responsible for Little League win

Last Tuesday's "Our Opinion" headline, "Ewa Beach nine brings pride and joy to Hawaii," underestimated the Ewa Beach team's efforts by 25 percent. All 12 of our boys played every game throughout the season and through the World Championship. Each played for at least three outs on defense and had one turn at bat. I think that an apology, along with listing all 12 of our team, is in order.

Carl L. Jacobs

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