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Ewa Beach players made America proud

All of Florida baseball and softball were pulling for the champions from Ewa Beach. It was the greatest Little League game I have ever seen. Bravo!

You have made West Oahu, Hawaii and all of America very, very proud. Congratulations!

Dana Mullen
Rockledge, Fla.

Little League champs are great sportsmen

Congratulations to the Ewa Beach Little League champions of the world. I was born and raised in Honolulu and relocated to Maine when I married my husband. My three siblings live in Texas. I called my sister in Texas to remind her that you were playing Sunday. She and I were hooting and hollering via telephone watching the game.

We're proud of you as champions and great sportsmen. You guys are "NO KA OI"!!!!

Patti Bickford
Wells, Maine

Excessive screaming causes pain for fan

I am a displaced Honoluluan who now resides in a sleepy little town on the West Coast. I just want to express how proud I am of our team for winning the Little League World Series Championship game. My husband and I were beside ourselves watching the game on TV. This was the most exciting game we have watched in a very long time. Our comeback kids were simply awesome. My face ached because I couldn't stop screaming, laughing and smiling through my tears of happiness and excitement.

Way to go, Ewa Beach!

Judy Bremer
Paso Robles, Calif.

Keep on rocking, Little Leaguers!

This was the best Little League World Series I have ever seen; your city has proven from the start that they were the best team in the series. Ewa Beach Little League team ROCKS.

Richard Sanchez
Vista, Calif.
Home of Rancho Buena Vista Little League

Paper made too much of team's big win

The Ewa Beach baseball team accomplished a great string of victories, which culminated in their being crowned world champions. An outstanding feat by any measure; however, it did not warrant full front-page coverage in your paper.

We have soldiers fighting and dying in the Middle East and a hurricane and flooding in the Gulf Coast areas, which merit front-page coverage before any baseball game. A flash on the front page such as "Ewa Beach wins it all -- see Sports Page for full story" would have been more appropriate.

For Ewa Beach, an outstanding accomplishment; however, they were involved in only a game. Let's get our priorities in order.

Howard S. Okada

Stressed Guard troops needed in storm area

Tonight we are sitting in our homes watching the destruction of New Orleans by an unfathomable hurricane force. The city will be under water in a few hours; hundreds of thousands homeless. The next few days will be horrific, and -- as the survivors of Iniki know -- the next weeks, months, years will reveal the nightmare of trying to rebuild.

The Louisiana governor is calling for the National Guard. Whoops! Most of them have been deployed ... to Iraq.

Is there a lesson for Hawaii here?

Sus Shawhan

Isle senators should oppose arctic drilling

Hawaii Sens. Daniel Akaka and Daniel Inouye have told us that they voted pro-drilling in the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was because all but one village of native Alaskans wanted it. They told us that the wildlife would not be harmed. However, scientific studies have shown that development changes caribou calving and migration and polar bears are severely affected by oil drilling and development.

There is a group of native Alaskans in Hawaii this week speaking out against drilling in ANWR. They represent several villages, three tribes and have letters of support from about 20 native villages. Many villages do not support drilling in ANWR because it will severely affect the animals on which they subsist, along with causing pollution and respiratory disease.

Members of Congress will have one more vote in September to change their position on drilling in ANWR. Join me in encouraging our senators to reconsider their votes based upon good science and the word of the native Alaskans, instead of for-profit corporations.

Julie Rivers

We must win even if war is based on lies

I agree with Brian Barbata's assertion (Letters, Aug. 28) that we should be behind the war 100 percent. We're in this wretched mess now, and we need it to end well, if only so we don't have insurgents following us home.

This is war, even if most of us didn't want it and the reasons for the rest of us wanting it were fabricated or just blatant lies.

But there is a difference between being behind victory and being behind the president and his regime. This man is a liar. He has lied to us about the environment, corporate abuses of power, the welfare of our troops and the war.

Yes, we should put aside our differences with the aim of winning this war against the barbarians. But only so far as necessary. We must hold President Bush accountable when the time comes. Don't forget. Whatever you do, don't let the next news cycle make you forget about the lies that led us to war.

Justin Hahn

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