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Injured Maui man is
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Question: What ever happened to Robert Keanini, who was injured so severely while trying to stop a fight at a Maui public housing project that he was hospitalized and unable to receive a mayoral award for his volunteer work in a neighborhood crime watch patrol?

Answer: Keanini, 42, who is recuperating and taking care of his grandchildren at his home at Kahekili Terrace, said he eventually received the award from Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa and also got a citation for his bravery from Gov. Linda Lingle.

He said he sees a physician about memory lapses from the head trauma and suffers numbness and cramping in his right arm where he was struck with an aluminum bat the night of Feb. 7.

"Everything else is OK," he said.

He recently participated in a quarter-mile march through Wailuku against domestic violence, following the killing of an Oahu woman and a Maui woman, both allegedly victims of their spouses.

Keanini also has resumed being part of the neighborhood crime patrol at the 56-unit housing project in Happy Valley.

The group of residents walk together at night through their community in an attempt to rid their neighborhood of crime, including drug trafficking.

"We going still strong yet. We not going stop this. We still like the place all cleaned up for the safety of the kids," he said.

Keanini said the man accused of hitting him with a bat is incarcerated and unable to post bail.

Potaufa Ula, 18, of Kahului, charged with second-degree attempted murder, is being held at Maui Community Correctional Center.

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