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Duke Kahanamoku
makes big splash
in KGMB special

Loads about Duke Kahanamoku was packed into a KGMB special on the Olympic swimming champion Wednesday night. Wednesday was the 115th anniversary of Duke's birth. Bill Morris told how his granddad took the young swimmer to Chinatown and had suits made for him so he could travel to the mainland and compete. Shoes also had to be made for Duke's large feet which gave him that big powerful kick in the water. Don Ho said Duke gave him a big kiss on the mouth and said, "Come work for me." Sen. Fred Hemmings said he believes he was with Duke on his last day of surfing. Duke's wife, Nadine, said he took her to Wo Fat's on their first date. Duke's friends, fans and relatives, such as Joanne Kahanamoku Sterling, Kamaka Clark, Bill Smith, Kimo McVay, Pam Anderson, Henry Ayau, Rabbit Kekai, Danny Kaleikini, Tim Guard, Kenny Brown, Tom Lalakea, Moe Keale, Earl Pamai Tenn and more, spoke of the swimming and surfing great's modesty and other fine qualities. His heroic surfboard rescue of eight fishermen after their boat capsized in rough Corona Del Mar seas and his film career were detailed. "Duke Kahanamoku: Hawaiian Soul" will be repeated tonight at 9 by KGMB. It was written by Robert Pennybacker, directed by Phil Arnone and narrated by Bob Sevey. Good job! ...

Murchie wins a ride at Board of Realtors event

Margaret Murchie was an excited big prize winner at the Honolulu Board of Realtors Tech Faire last weekend at the Hilton. She won a new moped from Kamaaina Termite and a $250 Kahala Mandarin restaurant gift certificate from DH Horton/Schuler Homes in a drawing. But after displaying injuries she received from falling off her bicycle three times during her triathlon training, Margaret said she'll probably donate the moped to a charity. Andrea Kia won a telescope and Dale Bordner won a digital camera in the drawing ...

The Honolulu Blue Devils play tomorrow at the grand opening of Wally Amos' Kailua Chip 'n' Cookie store, 3 p.m. Wally wanted a band that plays rockin' rhythm 'n' blues and the Devils -- Alison Aldcraft, Dale Machado, Burl Burlingame, Jim Berry, Mark Walker and Gene Kois -- are happy to oblige. They'll be knocking down cookies, too ...

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