Barometer of Cool

Bonnie Captis
21, traffic manager

Kendol Cashflow
23, student

Eileen Rosal
24, retail

Are Crocs cool for you?

"Crocs are cool for me ... they are very popular."

"I don't think they blew up like they thought they would. I've seen them, but they didn't really impress me."

"I've never heard of them."

Has this summer been better musically
than last summer?

"I can't compare. I just got here a month ago."

"Yes. I heard a lot of new sounds, inspirational sounds, that made me believe in music again."

"Last summer was better. The music last summer had better beats."

What's your favorite time of year?

"Autumn. On the East Coast, Autumn is a great time of change. The air is real crisp and the leaves turn colors. It looks nice."

"Gotta be Christmas. I love Christmas."

"Summer, because everyone's out."

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