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Question: I have heard about a Web site called My HealtheVet and that I might be able to get my personal health record online. Can you explain more about this?

Answer: My HealtheVet is a Web-based personal health journal that gives veterans information and tools to improve their health. Registration is required. At present a veteran can add information to a personal health journal about over-the-counter medications, allergies, military health history, medical events, tests and allergies. Veterans can also record and track personal information such as emergency contacts, health care providers, etc., record and track blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc., and print a wallet ID card.

All a veteran needs is Internet access, at home or through public access like a library. A computer is available in the lobby of the Spark M. Matsunaga Medical Center for use, as well. If you have questions, don't hesitate to utilize the "Contact Us" link at the top of any page on the Web site. The site continues to grow, and future releases include electronic services such as online pharmacy refill, the ability to view your scheduled appointments and any outstanding co-pay balances you might have. For more information, check out the Web site at www.myhealth.va.gov.

Q: What is a VA service-connected rating, and how do I establish one?

A: A service-connected rating is an official ruling by VA that your illness or condition is directly related to your active military service. Service-connected ratings are established by the VA. To obtain more information or apply for any of these benefits, contact the Honolulu VA at 800-827-1000. A lot of useful benefit information and links can be found on the Web site www.va.gov/hawaii.

If you have questions about your benefits as a veteran, call Fred Ballard at the Veterans Affairs at 433-0049 or visit the VA Web site at www.va.gov/hawaii or the Star-Bulletin at 529-4747.

Gregg K. Kakesako, who covers military affairs for the Star-Bulletin, can be reached by phone at 294-4075 or by e-mail at gkakesako@starbulletin.com.

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