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Bicycle commuting can be convenient

Colin Kau's July 24 letter to the editor, "Big bicycle network would improve traffic," couldn't have been better timed, coinciding with Lance Armstrong's magnificent seventh Tour De France victory, the finale of his career.

Every word Colin says is right on target! I call upon him and the Hawaii Bicycle League to circulate a petition demanding more bike lanes, secure bike parking lots and shower facilities. I'll gladly sign on.

How many people live on a level stretch between Kalihi in the west and Kaimuki in the east, Makiki in the north and the south shore? More than a hundred thousand for sure. How many of them drive only a few miles to work? Probably tens of thousands. If all these able-bodied people would ride their bikes to school, work and shopping, we could do away with traffic jams on the streets and freeways in that most crowded stretch altogether.

Now add two more racks on the backs of buses so many more bike riders can commute without having to wait for one or more buses because the racks are full.

Yes, bring on the bikes. Let us be inspired by the spirit of Armstrong and get more physically fit as well as experience a natural high and radiant health from the exercise.

Eva Uran

Are Hawaiians really willing to give it all up?

Hawaiians want independence from federal control. Fine. But in exchange, are they willing to give up all federal benefits, such as food stamps?

Henry Myers

Akaka Bill's intent is long overdue

I believe the Akaka Bill is a good effort in the right direction. Honorable Sen. Daniel K. Akaka is trying to put some action behind the formal apology given by former President Bill Clinton and Congress in 1993. Apologizing is relatively easy in my opinion. There has to be some action behind the words; hence, the Akaka Bill.

Granted, there are different factions for and against the bill. Some say it goes too far and is possibly racist. Other people feel it doesn't go far enough.

I believe most informed people would concur that foreigners, including the United States, did bad to the Hawaiian people. Some active measures need to be taken.

I hope the bill passes. Fine tuning can always come later. Some actions for reconciliation are far better than nothing and just bickering. Actions for reconciliation are long overdue.

Lawrence M.O. Chun

Liquor Commission needs a real overhaul

Relieving Liquor Commission Administrator Wally Weatherwax of his official responsibilities (Star-Bulletin, July 22) only means that he is being paid to do nothing. But then, isn't that exactly what he has been doing as chief administrator for the past few years -- nothing?

The city seems powerless to fire Weatherwax and commission investigator John Carroll, otherwise it already would have done so. This situation underscores the need for civil service reform. As for Weatherwax and Carroll, could it be that they harbor the fear that licensees will feel emboldened to step forward if they are fired and reveal other malfeasance by the commission? Maybe that is the real reason Weatherwax thought he needed to carry a gun.

Roy Yanagihara

State should do more to protect children

On July 11, Fox News' Bill O'Reilly accused Governor Lingle, on national television, of not caring about the laws punishing sex offenders of children, and what does she do? She has a defensive, knee-jerk reaction and tells Bill that we have a sex offender registry. It's a disturbing registry of how many sex offenders we have out and about, not incarcerated.

Pedophiles are the most vile of the sex offenders. They are also the offenders who are most likely to repeat. Sure, we have a mandatory sentence of 20 years, but that applies only after the third offense. Seems to me that's two victims too late.

Governor Lingle, I implore you to protect our children, or step aside for someone who cares.

Craig Furubayashi

Is Hawaii turning its back on Jasmine?

Although Hawaii has a population of about 1 million, 2 millions calls from Hawaii were received at the "American Idol" reality show last year. Eventually, Jasmine Trias placed third and it seems people adored her singing ability.

Just recently, Trias released her album. Due to poor distribution on the mainland, the CD didn't reached the top 200. For Jasmine to sell her CD, she needs radio play at least in Hawaii, and people in the mainland will follow. The other day I called a radio station here in Honolulu and requested some of her songs. The DJ said, "We don't play that kind of music and you can go to Taco Bell to hear her music." That was blatantly rude.

These guys keep playing Mariah Carey, Eminem, 50 Cent and others. These singers are already well known and don't need exposure anymore, and they are not Hawaii-born singers. Trias is the one who needs help and her CD needs to be played on the radio in her own state, Hawaii.

Let's help Jasmine Trias. Here in California, radio stations play their local artists and give them a chance. Why can't Hawaii do that? Play Trias' music on the radio and give her a chance to make it big on the mainland.

Aaron Reyes
Stockton, Calif.

Wind farm opponents can chop wood instead

The people opposed to the windmills have valid points ("HECO offers wind farm plan," Star-Bulletin, July 20). Just let them know to cut plenty keawe wood to heat their water and cook their meals as well as harvest what little kukui nuts are left to provide light so they can read a paper or book. No TV will run on either one.

Randall R. DeCastro
Chester, Va.
Former Hawaii resident

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