Nadine sez...

No doubt chefs are artists in the kitchen, and some can get carried away -- if restaurateurs let them. Over at Shanghai Bistro, chef Chih-Chieh Chang has an open-minded boss in Li May Tang, and when it comes to dessert, they believe in having fun.

Diners might find themselves looking at a painting in chocolate and fruit sauces accompanying Kona coffee mousse, above. Chang enjoys working with mousses for a combination of flavor intensity and lightness.

For one special-occasion gathering of women, several born in the Year of the Boar, he created thumb-size bean cakes in the shape of pigs, which had party members squealing with delight.

Only problem? Every chef wants to see people eating his creations. These little pigs went wee, wee, wee all the home with guests, who couldn't resist showing them to friends and family.

» Place: Shanghai Bistro, Discovery Bay Center, 1778 Ala Moana Blvd.
» Call: 955-8668


Burl sez ...

There was a time when I was one of the first guys in line at the annual Hawaii All-Collectors Show (see Do It! on facing page), with a pocketful of money and a desire to paw through everything. I got lots of cool stuff. Most of it is still packratted throughout the house.

But I'm broke, so attending such an event would be an exercise in frustration. I'm also missing a mainland convention where they're boasting 475 vender tables this weekend. The thought is dizzying.

Then, you just know you'll miss that special artifact if you don't go. So I probably will. Like Sam Spade says at the end of "The Maltese Falcon," looking down on the battered statue that has caused so much drama, "It's the stuff dreams are made of."

One guy's closet relic is another guy's Maltese Falcon.

Michelle sez ...

I've always liked John Cusack and Diane Lane and can't wait until July 29 to watch them in "Must Love Dogs." It's a good thing that Consolidated Ward is hosting a sneak preview Saturday. As a member of Concierge Services at Ward ($75 to $500 for a year, call 597-1243), I can reserve seats for the film and avoid standing in the ticket line once I'm there. Since the film looks like a total chick flick, I'll spare the men in my life and go with my mom and other female relatives.

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