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"A is for Aloha"
By U'ilani Goldsberry, illustrated by Tammy Yee
Sleeping Bear Press $17.95

This company's niche is alphabet books that not only teach letters, but facts, culture and history about each of the 50 states. Their Hawaii effort draws on the talents of master storyteller Goldsberry and fantastic illustrator Yee and is a gold mine of cleverly presented data about the 50th state. Each letter also uses the mnemonic of a sing-song couplet poem to remember the lesson. Clever package, well-presented.


"Kaua'i As Seen From the Skies" and "Maui As Seen From the Skies"
By Douglas Peebles
Mutual, $7.95 each

Peebles spends his days riding in the sky and getting cool pictures of beautiful places. Nice work if you can get it! The pictures, as expected, are gorgeous, and well-printed. The presentation is kind of like a calendar, but without any dates cluttering up the layout.


By Barbara E. Berg
Pacific Printing, $14.95

Artist Berg clearly has a love affair with the Hawaiian sea turtle, and it shows in the brilliantly colored illustrations she produces of the creature. This hardback edition is part of a Berg-turtle extravaganza that also includes a soft-cover book and a CD that has a Hawaiian-English reading of the titles, plus turtle tunes by Pekelo Cosma. It's turtlicious.

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