Whole rum cakes, available gift-wrapped, are a specialty of Pah Ke's Bakery inside 99 Ranch Market.

Pah Ke’s owner
fulfills a dream

After six years building his popular Chinese restaurant, Pah Ke's in Kaneohe, Raymond Siu was primed for another challenge. When 99 Ranch Market offered him the chance to run its deli and bakery operation, he was ready.

It's the bakery that is fulfilling a long-time dream. The jump from Chinese restaurant to bakery might seem unusual, but it was always a goal for Siu, who spent his days off for many years learning the pastry craft from successful chefs in town.

Artisan breads are Siu's passion. His whole-wheat, rosemary chili, roasted garlic, walnut-raisin and pizza bread are all made in-house with starters and no premixed doughs. Preservatives are a no-no, so the breads are always fresh.

A few signature items include rum cakes, which can be purchased whole and gift-wrapped, or in smaller containers of three slices. Haupia sweetbread is already a hit -- with people taking it to outer-island destinations.

The haupia bread has a dense sweetbread dough, unlike the soft Portuguese variety. Cubes of haupia are imbedded in the bread and it is topped with haupia icing that one customer exclaimed is "broke da mouth" good.

The deli is still a work in progress, offering a combination of Chinese food, local home-cooked favorites such as stews and curries, and soup-and-salad specials. Siu's goal is a meals-to-go operation where hot entrées can be carried home and served with little effort.

Siu is the first to admit that every day is a learning experience and he welcomes input.

For example, one customer was terribly disappointed to find that Chinese sponge cake was no longer available at the bakery, Siu said.

"We sell it now."

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