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The paper earns 10 first-place
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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

» The Honolulu Advertiser won eight first-place awards at the Society of Professional Journalism-Hawaii chapter's awards ceremony Friday. A Page A19 article Sunday incorrectly reported that the newspaper won seven first-place awards.

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The Honolulu Star-Bulletin took 10 first-place prizes, with a total of 28 awards, in the 2004 Excellence in Journalism Awards presented Friday by the Society of Professional Journalists -- Hawaii Chapter.

The Honolulu Advertiser won seven first place awards, including the top public service honor, and 22 overall, while the Maui News got four prizes, two for first place. The Hawaii Tribune Herald got one award, and the Hawaii Reporter received three prizes.

The Associated Press got one top prize for government reporting and one finalist award.

In the nondaily newspaper category, Pacific Business News garnered six awards, while the Honolulu Weekly, Midweek and Filipino Summit each had one.

Kalamalama, a Hawaii Pacific University publication, got a total of four awards Saturday night -- two in the nondaily newspaper category, one in open print and one in the student category.

Among magazines, Honolulu fared the best. The publication took home 10 awards.

Hana Hou! Magazine got five prizes, while Hawaii Business received three.

Hawaii Public Radio nearly swept the radio categories, but one first-place award went to Voice of America for Heidi Chang's "Jazz Ukulele."

In television news, KITV won five awards, four being first-place awards. KHNL got two awards.

In the student awards, the University of Hawaii daily newspaper Ka Leo O Hawaii garnered three awards, including one for first place. One student award was also given to Environment Hawaii.

The contest has 52 categories, covering print, broadcast and online media. Judges were from the Greater Oregon and Cincinnati chapters of the national journalism organization.

The 2004 Excellence in
Journalism Awards winners

Daily Newspaper

Business Reporting
First Place -- "What You Can Get for $450,000," Dan Martin, Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Finalists -- "City Bank Hostile Takeover," Malia Zimmerman, Hawaii Reporter; "Hawaii Exports Pricey Seawater," Sean Hao, Honolulu Advertiser
Spot News Reporting
First Place -- "Shark Attack," Melissa Tanji and Brian Perry, Maui News
Finalists -- "He Was Trying to Help," Chris Loos and Dave Smith, Hawaii Tribune-Herald; "1 Dead/Cop Shot," Rod Antone, Sally Apgar, Mary Vorsino and Leila Fujimori, Honolulu Star-Bulletin
General News/Enterprise Reporting
First Place -- "Judging the Judges," Rob Perez, Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Finalists -- "Military Town," Jaymes Song, the Associated Press; "Hawaii on TV Lacks State's Racial Diversity," Michael Tsai, Honolulu Advertiser
Feature Writing/Short Form
First Place -- "Isle Musician Tau Moe Saved Lives in the Holocaust," Mary Vorsino, Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Finalists -- "A Girl Named Skye," Helen Altonn, Honolulu Star-Bulletin; "'Idol' Hooked Hawaii From Start," Michael Tsai, Honolulu Advertiser
Feature Writing/Long Form
First Place -- "Tourist 'Bibles' Angering Hawaii," Timothy Hurley, Honolulu Advertiser
Finalists -- "Kalapana: Remembering the Town That Pele Took, Nadine Kam, Honolulu Star-Bulletin; "Hawaii Man Steals Identity of Dead Man for Eight Years," Rob Perez, Honolulu Star-Bulletin
News Page Design
First Place -- "The Curse -- Reversed!," Adam Sparks, Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Finalists -- "Other Hawaii," Greg Taylor, Jon Orque and Martha Hernandez, Honolulu Advertiser; "Something to Shout About," Brad Sherman, Maui News
Feature Page Design
First Place -- "Sake Sense," Christina Sykes, Honolulu Advertiser
Finalists -- "Mixed Marriages," Betty Shimabukuro, Honolulu Star-Bulletin; "Ray Charles," Mike Rovner, Honolulu Star-Bulletin


Spot News Reporting
First Place -- "2004 General Election Coverage," online staff, Honolulu Advertiser
Finalist -- "Department of Education Cuts Pay," Laura Brown, Hawaii Reporter
General News Reporting
First Place -- "The Other Hawaii: A Journey With Hokule'a," online staff, Honolulu Advertiser
Finalists -- "Dispatches," online staff, Honolulu Advertiser; "The Graying of Hawaii," online staff, Honolulu Advertiser


Business Reporting
First Place -- "Agribusiness in Kekaha, Kauai," Teresa Dawson, Environment Hawaii
Finalists -- "Top 20 Wealthiest Landowners," Maria Torres-Kitamura and David K. Choo, Hawaii Business; "Poor Little Rich Isle," Jacy L. Youn, Hawaii Business
Industry or Trade Reporting
First Place -- "How Much Is Your Home Worth Now?," Ronna Bolante and Michael Keany, Honolulu Magazine
Finalist -- "Aquaculturists Are Challenged to Pay Attention to Environment," Patricia Tummons, Environment Hawaii
First Place -- "Dog the Bounty Hunter," David Thompson, Honolulu Magazine
Finalists -- "Cliff Hanger," Paul Devlin Wood, Hana Hou! Magazine; "Depth Charge," David Thompson, Hana Hou! Magazine
Feature Writing/Short Form
First Place -- "Reading Aloud," Katherine Nichols, Honolulu Magazine
Finalists -- "All Consuming," Georgette Woo, HMSA Island Scene magazine; "Truth along the Blue Line," Jim Boccil, Honolulu Magazine
Feature Writing/Long Form
First Place -- "The Kiss of the Mango," Rita Ariyoshi, Spirit of Aloha
Finalists -- "Global Village, " Julia Steele, Hana Hou! Magazine; "Local Style for Lolos," David K. Choo and Jacy L. Youn, Hawaii Business
Page Design
First Place -- "The Sweet Secrets of Laupahoehoe Point," Darrell Ishii, Franco Salmoiraghi, Tom Chapman, Brett Uprichard and Les Peetz, Spirit of Aloha
Finalists -- "Arm Candy," PacificBasin Communications, Ala Moana Magazine; "Voyage to Kure," Darrell Ishii, Spirit of Aloha
Magazine Cover
First Place -- "Ghost Stories," October 2004, Jayson Harper, Honolulu Magazine
Finalists -- "The Games We Play," Darrell Ishii and Cory Lum, Spirit of Aloha; "Unwanted: Dead or Alive," Wes Funai, Hawaii Business

Nondaily Newspaper

Business Reporting
First Place -- "Directors Are Close But Is That a Bad Thing?," Harold Nedd, Pacific Business News
Finalists -- "Tourism Industry Coverage," Prabha Natarajan, Pacific Business News; "Banking Industry Coverage," Harold Nedd, Pacific Business News
General News/Enterprise Reporting
First Place -- "Suffering Secrecy Exile," Beverly Ann Deepe Keever, Honolulu Weekly
Finalists -- "Artists and a Few Pests Clog Waikiki," Prabha Natarajan, Pacific Business News; "Students Say 'Go' to Stoplight," Shannon Stollenmaier, Kalamalama
Feature Writing
First Place -- "Fans Still Sucking 'em Up at Don Ho's Show," Nina Wu, Pacific Business News
Finalists -- "All on the Course of a Day's Work," Harold Nedd, Pacific Business News; "A 'Summit Moment' with Ms. Emme Tomimbang," Alvin Santander, Filipino Summit
Community Reporting
First Place -- "A Family Tradition Born in Mystery," Don Chapman, MidWeek
Finalist -- "Students Say 'Go' to Stoplight," Shannon Stollenmaier, Kalamalama

Open Print

Column Writing/News
First Place -- "A Soldier's Story," 1st Sgt. Robert Jennings, Honolulu Star-Bulletin.
Finalists -- "The Buzz," Erika Engle, Honolulu Star-Bulletin; "Volcanic Ash," David Shapiro, Honolulu Advertiser
Column Writing/Features or Sports
First Place -- "Dining," John Heckathorn, Honolulu Magazine
Finalists -- "About Women," Catherine E. Toth, Honolulu Advertiser; "Honolulu Lite," Charles Memminger, Honolulu Star Bulletin
Government Reporting
First Place -- "Lingle's Secret Trip," Bruce Dunford, the Associated Press
Finalists -- "BRT: The City's $50-Million Mistake," Ronna Bolante, Honolulu Magazine; "Natural Resource Budget Suffers Punishing Blows," Patricia Tummons, Environment Hawaii
Breaking News Reporting
First Place -- "Coverage of Dobelle Firing and Aftermath," Craig Gima, Rick Daysog and staff, Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Finalists -- "Concrete Strike," Dan Nakaso and staff, Honolulu Advertiser; "1 Dead/Cop Shot," Rod Antone, Mary Vorsino and Leila Fujimori, Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Sports Reporting
First Place -- "Family, Friends Have Been Clay's Foundation," Ann Miller, Honolulu Advertiser
Finalists -- "Story of an Umpire Never to Forget," Kalani Simpson, Honolulu Star-Bulletin; "It's Clay Day," Ann Miller, Honolulu Advertiser
Arts/Entertainment Writing
First Place -- "The 50 Greatest Hawaii Albums of All Time," Ronna Bolante, Michael Keany. Honolulu Magazine
Finalists -- "Catch a Fire," Liza Simon, Hana Hou! Magazine; "Addicted to Love," Gary C.W. Chun, Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Editorial Opinion
First Place -- "Harris Wrongly Put Taxpayers in Publishing Role," Lee Catterall, Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Finalists-- "Bush v. Constitution: Faith-Based Initiative Bad for America," Loren Moreno, Kalamalama; "More than Just Raw Sewage in Oahu's Ocean Stinks," Malia Zimmerman, Hawaii Reporter
Editorial Cartoon
First Place -- "Power Transfer," Corky Trinidad, Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Finalist -- "Aloha, Farewell," Dick Adair, Honolulu Advertiser
First Place -- "Sea Hunt," Ralph Kagehiro, Hana Hou! Magazine
Finalists -- "Suddenly Single," Jon Orque, Honolulu Advertiser; "Putting Out the Blaze," Kip Aoki, Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Informational Graphic
First Place -- "Other Hawaii," Greg Taylor, Jon Orque and Martha Hernandez, Honolulu Advertiser
Finalist -- "Protecting Hawaii's Reefs," Dave Swann, Honolulu Star-Bulletin
News Photography
First Place -- "1 Dead/Cop Shot," FL Morris, Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Finalists -- "Coming Home," Jeff Widener, Honolulu Advertiser; "Hawaii Marine Buried at Punchbowl," Craig T. Kojima, Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Feature Photography
First Place -- "3 Guys in a Barrel," FL Morris, Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Finalists -- "The Promise," Ken Ige, Honolulu Star-Bulletin; "A Gripping Tail," Jeff Widener, Honolulu Advertiser
Sports Photography
First Place -- "Soccer Header," Amanda Cowan, Maui News
Photo Essay
First Place -- "Ku'e," Ed Greevy, Honolulu Magazine
Finalist -- "Shipping Out," Lucy Pemoni, Honolulu Magazine
Investigative Reporting
First Place -- "Camp Leader a Sex Offender," Christie Wilson, Honolulu Advertiser
Finalists -- "Free Air Travel," Ilima Loomis, Maui News; "Cal Kawamoto Investigation," Rick Daysog, Honolulu Star Bulletin
Public Service Reporting
First Place -- "The Graying of Hawaii," Advertiser staff, Honolulu Advertiser
Finalists -- "Judging the Judges," Rob Perez, Honolulu Star-Bulletin; "Dobelle Stories," Craig Gima, Honolulu Star-Bulletin


General News/Enterprise Reporting
First Place -- "Ala Wai Watershed Series," Kayla Rosenfeld, Hawaii Public Radio KHPR & KIPO
Finalists -- "Hawaii Film Festival Offers Moviegoers Unique View of Asia," Heidi Chang, Voice of America; "Hawaii's Four Constitutional Amendments," Chad Blair, Hawaii Public Radio
Feature Reporting
First Place -- "Jazz Ukulele," Heidi Chang, Voice of America
Finalists -- "Music of the Pacific Islands," Kayla Rosenfeld; Hawaii Public Radio KHPR & KIPO; "Kira's Christmas," Noe Tanigawa, Hawaii Public Radio


News Writing
First Place -- "Forest Restoration Plan Starts with Logging," Loretta Sherwood, Environment Hawaii
Finalist -- "Sodexho negotiating with new food vendors," Alice Kim, Ka Leo O Hawaii
Feature Writing
First Place -- "On the Road to Salvation," Alexandre Da Silva, Ka Leo O Hawaii
Finalists -- "Blue Angels Thrilling Ambassadors of Flight," Chuck Cordill, Kalamalama; "Many Unaware of HI Public's Right to Know," Janet Mock, Ka Leo O Hawaii


Government Reporting
(no award)
Business Reporting
(no award)
General News/Enterprise Reporting
(no first place award)
Finalist -- "War Torn," Stephanie Lum, KHNL News 8
Feature Reporting
First place -- "Bus Boy," Pamela Young, KITV
Finalist -- "Surfer for Life," Gary Sprinkle, KITV
Investigative Reporting
First Place -- "Whale Watching Death Investigation," Keoki Kerr, KITV
Series Reporting
First Place -- "War Torn," Stephanie Lum, Duncan Armstrong, KHNL News 8
First Place -- "Cold Mountain," Duncan Armstrong, KHNL-TV
First Place -- "Mixed Plate in Holland," Pamela Young, KITV
Special News Program
First Place -- "Pacific Adventures: Kodiak," Gary Sprinkle, KITV
Public Service Reporting
(no award)

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