Chrystal Jameson keeps mum on "Superman's" secrets.

UH senior off to
‘super’ summer

When Chrystal Jameson says this last year has been "super," she's not kidding.

The 26-year-old University of Hawaii senior was one of three Academy for Creative Media students selected to direct a 30-second Toyota Scion commercial, and one of four chosen for the study abroad internship in Sydney, Australia, where she'll work on "Superman Returns" under executive producer and ACM Chairman Chris Lee.

"This has been such a great year for me professionally," Jameson said a day before leaving for her six-week internship, which ends in late June. She took some time to talk about the project and her career path.

Star-Bulletin: When did you become interested in filmmaking?

Chrystal Jameson: It all started when I was working on Web page design for my (associate) degree at Leeward Community College. Using the editing programs really piqued my interest as to where the medium was going and how you can tell a story.

SB: If you had to pick one position within the film or TV industry what would it be?

CJ: I want to try everything, but if I had to pick one it would be directing. As a director you can always bring new ideas and help shape the script. As a screenwriter you have to be aware that many things will change.

SB: What productions have you worked on?

CJ: Obviously, a lot of student productions, but I was also a production assistant on UH's statehood documentary project. But I've never been on a major production.

SB: Any nerves about going to Australia and working on a $100-million-plus blockbuster?

CJ: A little nervous, but excited at the same time. Now I'm taking what I've learned in the classroom to the field.

Brandon Routh stars as Superman in the film being produced Down Under with the help of three University of Hawaii seniors.

SB: What will you be doing on "Superman Returns?"

CJ: We'll all be shuffled around to as many departments as they can get us in.

SB: Did they talk to you about confidentiality?

CJ: They said anything that happens on the set stays on the set. We've been told about all the copyright issues. It's very clear that we cannot leak anything.

SB: How will you get the most out of this experience?

CJ: Work as hard as I can and as long as they want me too.

SB: What are your accommodations?

CJ: The studio has arranged for everything. All the UH students will be in their own studio apartments in the same building near the production lot.

SB: How much are you being paid?

CJ: Nothing, but our whole trip is being sponsored.

SB: Did Chris Lee give you any advice?

CJ: Nothing specific, but pay attention, and work hard.

SB: What will you do on your weekends off?

CJ: Surf and check out some cultural events. I'll keep a journal so I can remember everything.

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