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Lingle doing better for environment

Because I have criticized Gov. Linda Lingle's environmental record in the past, I need to commend her administration for taking bold action to protect the Northwest Hawaiian Islands. If she also signs the Legacy Lands Act into law, she will create a remarkable record of environmental achievement.

David Kimo Frankel
Volcano, Hawaii

Governor seems to like big government

Gov. Linda Lingle isn't opposed to increasing our general excise tax to 4.5 percent. Since her election, we begin to see her true colors -- she's grown fond of spending lots and lots of tax dollars even if it means grabbing them from the wallets of middle- and low-income taxpayers who'll feel the hurt of this tax increase much more than rich people. Hawaii's future looks bleak with her fondness for bigger government.

The legislators and the governor make up a feedback loop. Our legislators, especially the 12 Democrats who voted against the tax hike, should chide Lingle for her leadership toward higher taxes, more government and less individual liberty for all. It's been said: "If the people (our legislators) will lead, their leaders (governor, for one) will follow." The Libertarians probably have it right that the enemy is bigger and bigger government. We must be vigilant and fight this disturbing, insidious, "feel good" nincompoopish, sophomoric effort among both Democrats and Republicans.

Alan Matsuda

U.S. has its own problems to deal with

Looking at the news lately, I am getting disgusted by seeing kids raping kids, parents raping their own kids, kids killing kids, kids burying kids, parents killing their own kids, kids stabbing surfers over a boombox, friends stabbing each other, members of the military beating prisoners to death and humiliating prisoners, officers covering up the Pat Tillman killing, generals covering up an Afghan prisoner's killing ...

President Bush, Vice President Cheney and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, stop playing super hero by invading countries to set up imaginary democracies, bring the troops back and take care of your own backyard. Let's show the world what America can do by what they do, not by what they say to do. Let's take care of real freedom, the Kyoto treaty, nuclear disarmament, the Patriot Act, Enron, Halliburton, etc.

Guy Belegaud

Hawaii needs to live within its means

Why do our elected officials raise taxes and increase fees every chance they have? Hawaii is one of the most expensive states to live in. We pay high taxes and fees. This has got to stop. Our elected officials have to learn not to spend money we don't have. Our government officials have to make some tough decisions, to make the proper cutbacks on programs and services Hawaii doesn't need.

It is time to live within our means. Before our elected officials raise taxes and fees, they should look at ways where they can cut their spending and start saving money. Otherwise Hawaii will pay a huge price where it will be too expensive to live here and people will move to where it is cheaper.

Alan Kim

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