Man accused of terrorizing
wife and 3 others has
history of abuse

A man accused of terrorizing his estranged wife and three others, holding them against their will at her downtown apartment for nearly 14 hours early Monday, had physically abused and threatened her in the past, according to court records.

A week before the incident, the 39-year-old, described by Honolulu police as a known pimp, was scheduled to go to trial in Honolulu District Court for punching his wife in the face on March 13.

But the trial was continued to June 20 after he indicated to his public defender that he was confused about the proceedings and was admonished for not meeting with his attorney.

In that case, prosecutors are seeking to introduce documented reports of prior abuse against his wife, including one four years ago in which he tried to kill her by driving the car they were riding into a wooden power pole in Kapahulu.

The evidence, including testimony from an expert witness in the field of domestic violence, was to be used to explain the couple's relationship in the event his wife recanted her complaint, Deputy Prosecutor Glenn Kim confirmed.

The deputy public defender representing the defendant in that case could not be reached for comment.

In Monday's incident, the suspect allegedly waited until his wife arrived at her Hale Pauahi apartment about 2 a.m., argued with her and beat her. When her male roommate tried to call for help, he allegedly beat the roommate, stabbed him three times with a kitchen knife, doused him with rubbing alcohol and set him afire, police said.

He tied up them both and also a male and female acquaintance of his wife who were in the apartment at the time and threatened to kill them, police said. He also allegedly raped his wife's female acquaintance.

The wife managed to persuade him to let her go downstairs to purchase some sweets for one of the other males who is diabetic and flagged down police.

The man who was stabbed and burned was in serious condition at an area hospital, said Capt. Frank Fujii, Honolulu Police Department spokesman, yesterday at a news conference.

According to court records filed in the March 13 case, the wife reported two instances in which he had physically threatened and abused her.

In one instance, she was at home cooking dinner on Nov. 14, 2000, when he arrived home angry and ordered her and her daughter to get into the car to go for a ride. When she refused, he allegedly yelled at her, "get you a-- in the car."

As he drove, he allegedly began elbowing and punching her in the face with his right arm, causing her to bleed. He then drove toward a pole, saying, "I going kill you."

At the time, she noted in her report that she was willing to press charges, that they had been married only nine months and that she didn't want to live her life in fear.

A few months earlier, she reported to police that he showed up at her job in Waikiki and accused her of fooling around with a coworker. He allegedly called her obscenities, threatened to knock her out, accused her of lying and punched her in the stomach and left ear. He also grabbed her by the throat. He let her go when he saw her supervisor approaching and left.

She told police at the time she felt threatened by his statements and was concerned for herself and her child's safety. The couple have a daughter together.

Court records indicate the suspect has been arrested 81 times and has 34 convictions, including misdemeanor abuse of a household member. Seven convictions were for felonies including reckless endangering, terroristic threatening 1, auto theft and drug offenses.

He was arrested for suspicion of two counts of attempted murder, four counts of kidnapping, four counts of first-degree sexual assault, four counts of terroristic threatening and second and third-degree assault. He has yet to be charged.

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