Local Best-sellers

This list of last month's best-selling local titles is based on figures from the Hawaii Book Publishers Association and Bookline distributors, and reflects sales by Hawaii-based publishers. Compiled by Jason Genegabus.

1. "Keiki Friends Dress-Up Dolls," Yuko Green, Island Heritage (1)
2. "Limu: The Blue Turtle," Kimo Armitage, Island Heritage (2)
3. "Hawaiian Marine Life Color and Activity Book," Yuko Green, Island Heritage (4)
4. "Hawaiian Flowers Cut-Out Paper Dolls," Yuko Green, Island Heritage (3)
5. "Limu the Blue Turtle and His Hawaiian Garden," Kimo Armitage, Island Heritage
6. "Hide and Seek in Hawaii," Jane Hopkins and Ian Gillespie, Mutual Publishing (5)
7. "Humu, The Little Fish Who Wished Away His Colors," Kimberly Jackson, Island Heritage (7)
8. "Baby Honu's Incredible Journey," Tammy Yee, Island Heritage (6)
9. "Keiki Hula Sticker Paper Doll Book," Yuko Green, Island Heritage
10. "Honu'ea and Honu: Red and Green Sea Turtles of Hawaii," Yuko Green, Island Heritage

1. "Folks You Meet in Longs," Lee Cataluna, Bamboo Ridge Press
2. "From Fishponds to Warships," Alan Seiden, Mutual Publishing
3. "A Little Book of Aloha," Renata Provenzano, Mutual Publishing (5)
4. "Hawaii: Big Island Revealed," Andrew Doughty and Harriet Freidman, Wizard Publications
5. "Maui Revealed Ultimate Guidebook," Andrew Doughty and Harriet Friedman, Wizard Publications
6. "Ultimate Kauai Guidebook," Andrew Doughty and Harriet Friedman, Wizard Publications (9)
7. "Big Island: Images of the Island of Hawaii," Douglas Peebles, Mutual Publishing
8. "Volcano: Images of Hawaii's Volcanoes," Douglas Peebles, Mutual Publishing
9. "Maui: Images of Hawaii's Valley Island," Douglas Peebles, Mutual Publishing
10. "Maui," Douglas Peebles and Jan TenBruggencate, Mutual Publishing

1. "He Mele Aloha," Carol Wilcox, Kimo Hussey, Vicky Hollinger and Puakea Nogelmeier, 'Oli 'Oli Productions (1)
2. "Let's Learn Little Hawaiian," Ray Helbig, Hawaiian Service (3)
3. "Tropical Trees of Hawaii," Paul Wood, Island Heritage (5)
4. "Hawaiian Journey," Joseph Mullins, Mutual Publishing (9)
5. "All About Hawaiian (in Japanese)," Albert Schutz, Island Heritage
6. "Hawaii This and That," LaRue W. Piercy, Mutual Publishing (7)
7. "Hawaiian Names, English Names," Eileen Root, Press Pacifica
8. "Shoal of Time," Gavan Daws, University of Hawaii Press
9. "Plants of Hawaii," Fortunato Teho, Bess Press (10)
10. "Then There Were None," Martha Noyes, Bess Press

1. "Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's Queen," Lydia Liliuokalani, Mutual Publishing (4)
2. "Pearl Harbor: The Way It Was," Scott Stone, Island Heritage (2)
3. "Mark Twain In Hawaii," A. Grove Day, Mutual Publishing (3)
4. "The Parker Ranch of Hawaii," Joseph Brennan, Mutual Publishing (5)
5. "Da Jesus Book," Pidgin Bible Translation Group, Anoai Press (1)
6. "Marshall Island Legends," Daniel A. Klein II, Bess Press
7. "Pearl Harbor: A Day to Remember," John Hinde Curteich Inc.
8. "Tattoo," Chris McKinney, Mutual Publishing (7)
9. "Legends and Myths Of Hawaii," David Kalakaua, Mutual Publishing (8)
10. "Myths and Legends of Hawaii," W. D. Westervelt, Mutual Publishing (9)

1. "The Guide to Hawaiian Style Money Folds," Jodi Fukumoto, Island Heritage (1)
2. "How to Play the Hawaiian Ukulele," University of Hawaii Lab School, Mutual Publishing (3)
3. "Hawaii's Birds," Hawaii Audobon Society, Island Heritage (4)
4. "Things Hawaiian: Guide To Hawaiian Language," Albert Schutz, Island Heritage (2)
5. "Pocket Guide to Hawaii's Birds," H. Douglas Pratt and Douglas Peebles, Mutual Publishing (5)
6. "Pocket Guide To Hawaii's Flowers," Leland Miyano and Douglas Peebles, Mutual Publishing (7)
7. "Pocket Guide to Hawaii's Trees and Shrubs," H. Douglas Pratt and Douglas Peebles, Mutual Publishing (8)
8. "New Pocket Hawaiian Dictionary," Mary Kawena Pukui and Samuel H. Elbert with Esther T. Mookini and Yu Mapuanqa Nishizawa, University of Hawaii Press
9. "Handy Hawaiian Dictionary," John F. G. Stokes, Mary Kawena Pukui, Henry P. Judd, Mutual Publishing
10. "Hawaii's Fishes," John Hoover, Mutual Publishing

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