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John Berger

Jimmy’s as good as
his word -- when
playing in bars

A PROMISE KEPT: Jimmy Buffett left his fans in the dust when he rushed off after his Waikiki Shell concert on April 19, a big difference from last year when he hung out for a while with Martin Denny and talked with well-wishers. However, Buffett made good on a casual promise to Jake Shimabukuro when, two nights later, he stopped by Chai's Island Bistro while Shimabukuro was performing and went up on stage for an impromptu rendition of "Margaritaville." (Shimabukuro had joined Buffett for several songs at the Shell.) ...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: To Ku'uipo Kumukahi and Pene Puaauli, who are celebrating today ... and to Manny K. Fernandez and Jill Kuramoto (Friday) ...

A LOT LIKE BOREDOM?: Am I the only one who thinks that "A Lot Like Love," the new Ashton Kutcher/Amanda Peet film, is much slower than it needs to be and not nearly as clever as it thinks it is? It may be the script more than the casting choices, but Peet is so off-putting in the first segment that Kutcher's interest in her never seems like more than a plot requirement. A good film is never described as "slow moving," so wait for this one-star knock off of "When Harry Met Sally" to come out as a rental unless you're a serious Kutcher fan ...

CONGRATULATIONS: To Zenia Zambrano and Po'okela Award-winning actor Scott Moura! They met as cast members of Diamond Head Theater's hit production of "Titanic" on 2002, and are getting married next month. FYI, Moura got his "Pokie" for his performance as Sancho Panza in Army Community Theatre's revival of "Man of La Mancha" in 2003 ...

SORRY, MICHAEL!: Professional stuntman Michael Rufino is a licensed physical therapist, not a massage therapist, as reported last week. In addition to being Naveen Andrews' stunt double on "Lost," he is also the owner of Physical Impact Hawaii in Kailua ...

DON'T MISS DAVE: Missing Dave is playing the Red Lion (formerly Bedroc Bar & Grill) tomorrow and hopes to convince the management that people want live music. If they draw, it could happen. If they don't, the club could go karaoke ...

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