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» As Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI opposed allowing priests to marry and insisted upon celibate priesthoods. Wording in an April 20 editorial on Page A10 incorrectly conveyed that he had taken an opposite stance


Nakamura and Associates, a company owned 50/50 by former Honolulu Police Chief Michael Nakamura and Kenneth Lee, earned $81,880 over four years doing process serving for the city Prosecutor's Office. A story on Page A1 on April 17 reported Nakamura and Associates earned $101,880. The $20,000 difference was the inclusion of a 2004-05 contract in Lee's name for $20,000. Although Lee said he was still working for Nakamura and Associates under that contract, the contract itself was not in Nakamura and Associates' name and therefore the amount was not technically earned by the company.

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