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Buddy Fo joins ‘Albino
Blahlah’ again, releases
a new album

Buddy Fo gets together with Harry B. Soria Jr., once more on "Territorial Airways" tomorrow from 5 to 6 p.m. on Hawaiian 105, KINE FM. The last time, Buddy shared stories with Harry, also known as the "Albino Blahlah," about his hot old group, the Invitations. This time, Buddy will focus on his post-Invitations jazzy Hawaiian period, his recordings of Kui Lee's songs and what he's up to today. An album release party was scheduled to be held for Buddy's "Hawaiian Man, Nostalgic Journey" CD at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel last night ...

The Assistance League of Hawaii is holding "An Affair to Remember" at Washington Place next Saturday to celebrate 37 years of volunteer service for children, teens and adults. The day will include lunch, a fashion show and a tour of Washington Place, Queen Liliuokalani's former residence and now the official home for Hawaii's governors. Gates open at 11 a.m. Tina Shelton will emcee the fashion show. Call Wanda Sagum at 523-0982 for tickets priced at $50 ...

Happy birthday today to Barbara Campbell, vice president of retail development and leasing for Outrigger Enterprises, the parent of Outrigger Hotels and Resorts. Barbara was the best neighbor a guy could ask for when she lived in Harbor Square. She was also a Clark Hatch fitness star before she bought a town house and set up gym equipment in her home ...

Ooh la la! French reviewer likes Burl's book

Star-bulletin staffer Burl Burlingame has received a very positive review on his book, "Advance Force -- Pearl Harbor," published by Naval Institute Press. The book is about the role of Japanese submarines in the attack on Pearl Harbor. What makes this review different from others is that it appeared in a French magazine. The name of the mag, translated into English, is "History Adventures and Secret Files." Burl had Midweek photographer Nathalie Walker, who is originally from Alsace, France, translate for him. The reviewer concluded: "The author leaves nothing in the dark. From the Japanese psychology to the treatment of the POWs and the detailed study of submarine technology, nothing eludes Burl Burlingame's sagacity ... a very successful work which reads like an adventure novel." Naturally, Burl likes that sagacity bit ...

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