Barometer of Cool

Travis Carbon
19, college student

Jamie Davis
21, college student

Loke Dusenberry
18, college student

Where do you hang out when
money is scarce?

"The beach (because) it's relaxing. Video games too ... and basketball."

"I go to Magoo's. It's fun, it's close and it's cheap!"

"Places that they let college students in free. You just search them out."

Do you prefer to listen to live
music indoors or outdoors?

"Outdoors. There's fresh air and more space to party."

"At night time, it's kind of nice to be outside. During the day ... it might be cooler to be inside."

"Outdoors. It's more open air and everybody's not too packed into one place."

What's in your CD player?

"Rock. Incubus, stuff like that. I like Linkin Park (too)."

"Sublime. I like that style of music."

"Ooklah the Moc. I like them because they're local, and there's not so much swearing. It's more laid back."

Barometer of Cool appears on Saturdays.

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