Prison fence deters
escape bid

An inmate gives up and hides
elsewhere after razor wire
atop a barrier injures him

A man awaiting sentencing at Oahu Community Correctional Center almost made it to freedom yesterday. But razor wire and a second fence got in his way.


Greg Schoenlein: Transferred to the Queen's Medical Center in stable condition

Department of Public Safety officials said Greg Schoenlein, 43, climbed over one fence on the makai side of the prison but was cut "pretty good" by the razor wire at the top of the fence.

Schoenlein apparently gave up while trying to scale the second fence, said Public Safety spokesman Mike Gaede.

Schoenlein dropped back down and hid on prison grounds, said Gaede.

Prison officials, however, did not know Schoenlein was still on the grounds when they realized he was missing at 3:30 a.m.

"They did a recount, then checked his module, and he was not there," said Gaede. "We locked down the facility."

During a search, prison officials found blood and pieces of clothing on the fence.

"Police moved quickly to shut down Puuhale Road and sheriffs were also notified," Gaede said.

Gaede said after looking at how much blood Schoenlein had lost, prison officials decided he could not have gone far and concentrated their search on the prison side of the fence. They followed a trail of blood leading away from the fence, on prison grounds. At 6:02 a.m., they found Schoenlein hiding in an industrial service area of the prison, where kitchen deliveries are made.

"The razor wire cut him up pretty good," Gaede said. "If you make it over the fence, you can get up to five years in prison.

"This is an attempted escape, so he'll face disciplinary action."

Schoenlein is awaiting sentencing on a second-degree theft conviction and for violating conditions of his bail. He has been at OCCC since Dec. 10. He was treated at the OCCC medical facility for lacerations but was later transferred by ambulance to the Queen's Medical Center in stable condition.

In December, Michael Ventura, 25, made it over the fence at OCCC, but left his pants and boxer shorts, which had gotten caught on the razor wire. He was captured the next day.

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