Army charges
pilot in crash

The Schofield Barracks helicopter
pilot could face a 5 1/2- year
term for a crewman's death

A 25th Infantry Division helicopter pilot has been charged with negligently causing the death of his crew chief in a Black Hawk crash in Afghanistan last summer and will face a court-martial next month.

Besides negligent homicide, Chief Warrant Officer Darren R. Rogers -- a member of Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 25th Aviation -- is charged with violating a lawful order, reckless endangerment and destruction of government property, the helicopter.

His court-martial will be held May 3 at Schofield Barracks. Rogers faces a possible maximum prison sentence of 5 1/2 years and dismissal from the Army.

Killed in the Aug. 12 crash near the Pakistan border was Sgt. Daniel Galvan, 30, of Moore, Okla. He was a crew member of the UH-60 Black Hawk and was assigned to the 2nd Battalion's Alpha Company, 25th Aviation. He was the third of 12 Schofield Barracks soldiers to die in Afghanistan.


Daniel Galvan: The sergeant died Aug. 12 when a Black Hawk went down in Afghanistan

Galvan's father said in August his son's Black Hawk was flying Marines to a "hot spot of Taliban terrorists" on Aug. 12 when a malfunction in his helicopter led to the crash.

Galvan was the only one in the helicopter who died. Three other crew members -- including co-pilot 1st Lt. Christopher Marvin, 25, and nine of 11 Marines on board -- were injured in the crash.

The Army said in August that Rogers' Black Hawk was on a routine mission shuttling Marines, and not involved in combat operations. The helicopter was destroyed in the crash outside Camp Salerno near Khowst, but did not burn, according to a military statement. "Hostile fire was not involved. The cause of the crash is under investigation."

This week, Capt. Kathy Turner, Schofield Barracks spokeswoman, said: "Because this is an ongoing case, the government will not comment further regarding the case."

The 2nd Battalion, 25th Aviation, spent a year in Afghanistan, and all of its soldiers and aviators are expected back at Wahiawa this month. Its pilots and crews fly UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters and were part of Task Force Wings, commanded by Col. Shannon Davis, 25th Aviation Brigade commander.

This is the same battalion that lost its commander, Lt. Col. Steve Brown, who was relieved March 14 because of personal misconduct. The Army has refused to release details leading to his dismissal.

Brown, who assumed command of the 2nd Battalion in 2003 before it left for Afghanistan last April, will be allowed to retire from the Army this month.

He was replaced by Lt. Col. Frank Tate as head of the 2nd Battalion.

25th Infantry Division

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