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Warriors score big with Glanville

Congratulations to the coach, players and fans of University of Hawaii football. Bringing aboard Jerry Glanville is a coup of NFL proportions (Star-Bulletin, March 29). In the tradition of Dick Tomey and June Jones, Coach Glanville is a world-class talent, a leader of men and a great guy. Coach G is one of those unique characters who knows what he's doing and does it with fun and flair.

Will UH's defense continue to be the team's Achilles' heel? "NFL. Not for long with Coach G in town." Well done, UH.

Jim Dorsey
Los Angeles and Honolulu

World got to know great spiritual leader

As one Roman Catholic I feel a deep personal loss at the death of the Holy Father. I never met him, but he touched me spiritually in my very heart and soul. Like millions of Catholics and non-Catholics, we feel John Paul was our spiritual and religious father. He was our universal pastoral leader as he traveled to so many countries of the world. The world saw a human, charismatic and loving leader of the universal church. The pope was no longer an isolated figure in the Vatican. He came to the world's people to see, to talk to, to touch and be touched.

The world will not see the likes of this great and special man for a long time. He will be called John Paul the Great and one day be a saint of our church.

Theodore Taba

Will search for pope end up in prime time?

I'm surprised that none of the television networks have decided to start a new reality series, "Who Will Be the Next Pope?"

They've just about exhausted every other idea. And we all thought "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire" was ludicrous. Or "Who Wants to Be My Dad?"

Just picture it ... the catch phrase will be "See you in Rome."

Fletcher Young

Scientists are still learning about X and Y

With all due respect to all males (not because I am a male), I must take exception to Ryan Anakalea's April 1 letter to the editor in which he gallantly defends his gender-determining Y chromosome.

I can only conclude that Anakalea did not fully understand Maureen Dowd's column, or maybe he needs to read the article in the March 17 Washington Post in which they announce the findings (about the X chromosome in females) in the cover article of the journal Nature (the article is free at Nature.com -- look for the yellow shaded box labeled "Research").

Had Anakalea fully understood the Dowd article, he would not have asked, "If women had superior genes, why don't they know it?" The answer, of course, is that nobody knew it for certain until now. Until now it was thought that the diminishing Y chromosome was the culprit. That is only part of the story. I suggest that Anakalea reread the Dowd article.

Incidentally, men are also physically inferior (more easily taken ill, etc.) due to that wonderful substance called testosterone, a known immunosuppressant that causes men to do what men do, which Dowd so vividly and accurately describes, and is the reason why men live shorter lives and do riskier things that put more of us in prison than females, etc. In women, among other things -- and good for us -- it makes them feel sexy.

Russell Kim

God will make us pay for death of Schiavo

No human has the right to take the life of an innocent person like Terri Schiavo. That is why the commandment "Thou shall not kill" is there. Simply to kill someone because that person is an inconvenience is not an excuse. To kill an innocent person is totally repugnant and immoral to biblical Christians like myself. This is what happens when we try to remove God and the Ten Commandments from our society. We go from a civilized society to a barbaric one.

Beware, Israel and Rome traveled this path and fell; so will the West if we continue to cheapen life. God will remove his blessing and hand us to our enemies, just as he did Israel when they sinned against him.

Clifford Ishii
Waimea, Kauai

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