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UH continues recycling
site Sundays only

Question: The automatic recycling redemption center at the University of Hawaii on Dole Street was not open last Sunday, even though it was advertised as being open that day. I think redemption is so poor there because it's a self-fulfilling prophecy of poor management and hours that are not consistent. So what happened and what's going to happen to the recycling there? It was supposed to be a trial only through March.

Answer: Oops.

The recycling truck was not at that site because it was Easter Sunday.

However, no announcement was made in advance, acknowledged UH-Manoa spokesman Jim Manke. "We apologize to anyone who was inconvenienced by this," he said.

Monday officially was the last day for a two-month trial to offer mobile redemption centers through RRR Recycling at the Manoa campus.

"After reviewing the numbers, the returns from the Monday on-campus mobile recycling sites don't justify continuing the Monday service," Manke said.

However, he said the UH-Manoa Food Services Office has decided to extend the agreement for Sunday-only recycling at the Law School parking lot on Dole Street through the end of June (Sunday, June 26).

But here's your advance warning: The Sunday site will not be operating on May 15, UH-Manoa's commencement day; May 29 (Memorial Day weekend); and June 12 (Kamehameha Day weekend).

"In the meantime, the Food Services Office is looking at options for setting up a stationary site or sites on campus for the longer term," Manke said.

Q: I recently moved here from the mainland. I have a valid driver's license from my home state, with three of the four years still to go. I went to get a Hawaii license and was told I needed to take a written test, or I could continue to drive with my home state license until it expired. I have a very good driving record, which can be verified by my getting a copy of my driving record from the other state. If I was back in my home state and wanted to renew my license, all I would need to do is take a vision test. What is weird is that they won't give a new license, without a test, but it's OK to continue to drive on another state's license. Why?

A: It's the way the laws are written.

Hawaii has a reciprocal agreement with all the other states to allow the use of driver's licenses issued in any other state as long as the license is valid, noted David Mau, assistant administrator of the city Motor Vehicle and Licensing Division.

However, state law requires applicants with a driver's license from any other state to submit to a written exam, a vision test and fingerprinting. A road test is waived if the applicant is over 18 and has a valid U.S. license.

Mau acknowledged the two laws "do not necessarily bridge each other."

Hawaii residents applying for a renewal, by comparison, need only submit to the vision test and fingerprinting.


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