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Superferry EIS could open can of worms

What if the environmental impact statement for the proposed Superferry finds that ships with propellers can no longer be allowed in island harbors or on seas between the islands, or for some other reason not revealed before.

Ocean liners will have to wait outside while we meet them with rowboats, and how will we get food and other products from container ships and tankers?

Requiring an EIS for the ferry is silly. It will reveal nothing not already long known to be guarded against. Its only accomplishment will be to kill the ferry project.

It raises suspicion that it is being instigated by competitors.

Ted Chernin

Sub teachers deserve fair treatment

The Legislature is now debating issues related to substitute teachers. All teachers who value the services of competent substitutes should voice a stand on the pending legislation, or call a substitute teacher to find out more about the issues. Students and parents of students who have received the services of substitutes should voice their stand, too.

In order for the substitute teachers to continue providing this important service to the education of Hawaii's children, they must be treated fairly and with respect. Ask your youngsters about the work that substitutes do, and do something to ensure that quality substitutes continue to be available.

June Asato
Substitute teacher

We need to know more if tsunami comes

When I finished reading the article "UH models calculate tsunami flooding" (Star-Bulletin, March 21), my mind sort of kept going "and ... and ... well ... where's the maps, where's the info, who's at risk, what towns are in the path, how far inland, what elevation do we need to reach to save our children's lives?"

Hey, University of Hawaii, please don't repeat what happened to us on Kauai when Hurricane Iwa came over us. AFTER our roofs were blowing off, Civil Defense then went on the radio telling us to get to the schools to save our children.

Very many of us work near the shore in Hawaii. We'd like to know now how far to go when the horn blows.

Jay Trennoche
Kapaa, Kauai

Cost to quit smoking should be lower

A letter in the March 16 Star-Bulletin regarding new cigarette taxes included the suggestion that "all of the additional taxes should be earmarked for a trust fund that would be used only to help insurance companies and hospitals cover the expenses of tobacco-related illness."

I'm a smoker, and I'd love to quit. But I wonder how many nonsmokers have looked at the prices of the various patches, gums and other stop-smoking aids. They're outrageously high. I'd like to see part of the taxes -- or part of the tobacco company settlement money -- go toward reducing the cost of those items to help us quit, or to make them totally free.

Rick Ermshar

GOP hypocritical about Schiavo case

President Bush and the Republican Congress have gone to great lengths to save the life of a brain-damaged woman in a vegetative state. Massive efforts have been made in this case, while many of their other policy decisions show an utter disregard for human life.

American soldiers in war zones have not been provided with adequate armor and safeguards. Health safeguards to our food sources have been watered down to appease corporate food producers. Hundreds of homeless people die every year on the streets of America due to exposure to the elements and lack of medical care. Conservative lawmakers table legislation to require minimum ratios of nurses per patient in hospitals.

Bush and the Republican Congress have responded to the clamor from their base to save Terri Schiavo, but turn their heads away from the thousands of other Americans who die needlessly every year due to legislative neglect.

George Casen

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