Barometer of Cool

Brad Chun
24, college student

Gabrielle Enos
19, college student

Paul Whitaker
27, college student

Will the reunion of John Travolta and
Uma Thurman work in "Be Cool?"

"Yeah, totally. I think they had really good chemistry in their last movie (together)."

"I think it will. I saw 'Pulp Fiction' and I thought it was pretty good. And I liked Uma Thurman in 'Kill Bill.' "

"I think so. They've got a connection. I like the trailers ... they remind me of 'Pulp Fiction.' "

What was the last DVD you watched?

" 'Anchorman.' It wasn't what I was expecting. It wasn't all that great."

"I saw 'Adaptation' (with) Nicolas Cage. I thought it was good."

"It was 'Step Into Liquid.' I just bought it ... pretty good movie."

Do you buy the special or regular
edition of a DVD?

"The cheaper one. I don't really watch that other stuff. I just watch the movie and turn it off."

"I'll buy the cheaper one! I don't really have a lot of money ... I just want to watch the movie."

"I'm not into the extra stuff. I started realizing my DVD collection was getting more expensive than my truck."

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