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John Berger

Sometimes an artist’s
baggage doesn’t include
a boyfriend

ALONE ON VALENTINE'S DAY?: So was Jasmine Trias, who says her schedule doesn't leave much time for romance. It takes a self-confident and mature-thinking guy to handle the social responsibilities that come with being the "significant other" of a high-profile female celebrity. Here's hoping she finds one ...

RITZ AND THE WRECKERS: Ukulele legend Lyle Ritz, whose duet with Byron Yasui was one of the highlights of the sold-out Bill Tapia concert at the Paliku Theatre on Saturday, also stays in touch with the other surviving members of the Wrecking Crew, a group of top Los Angeles studio musicians in the '60. Ritz was on bass when "the crew" played Phil Spector's "Wall of Sound" sessions, for example ...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: To Fran Gendrano, who is celebrating today ... also to Keola Beamer and Diane Dar (Friday), Tammy Hali'iopua Baker and Stephanie Sanchez (Saturday) and Gregg Hammer (Monday) ...

CONGRATULATIONS: To Rich Crandall, who marked the 8th anniversary of his weekly "Studio 6" jazz night at the Musicians' Union on Tuesday ... To Julia Ogilvie, Danel Victoria Verdugo and Nicolas F. Logue on taking top honors in the "Acting For Comedy" competition on Monday. Olgilvie will represent Hawaii at the national competition in May ... and to Charles Michael Brotman, producer of "Slack Key Guitar Volume 2," the winner in the newly created "Best Hawaiian Music Album" category at the 47th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday. Some are already complaining that a slack-key instrumental compilation beat four albums with at least 51 percent Hawaiian lyrics, one of the criteria in the sole Hawaiian category. Don't complain to me. Take your beef to the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and members responsible for the criteria ...

I PREDICT: Lani Misalucha will wow Hawaii at the Hawaii Theatre this weekend. Find a copy of her double-CD, "Lani Misalucha: The Crossover Live Tour," for a preview ...

TWO-AND-A-HALF STARS for "Hitch." Will Smith is instantly engaging as a "date doctor" who helps shy men woo the women they've fallen for, but the story drags, requires several major leaps of faith to buy into, and the ending doesn't ring true. "Hitch" will certainly fuel many discussions about how far a man can "research" a woman before he's guilty of invading her privacy ...

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