of Cool

Vanessa Byson
29, modeling school director

Sean Franco
18, college student

Keir McEwan
18, college student

What are your plans for
Super Bowl Sunday?

"To work. I actually fly to Hilo for a graduation fashion showcase. I'm not (a football fan)."

"Probably go to my friends house, watch the game and just chill."

"If the weather is bad, I'll probably watch the game. If the weather's good, I'll go surf."

Is Michael Jackson innocent?

"So guilty! As a mom, and just by reading people - he is so guilty!"

"Nope, he's guilty. He's a child molester."

"Heck yes, he's guilty, but he's still the King of Pop! I love Michael Jackson!"

What's the best way to
see a movie?

"I'm not a big popcorn fan, so I would say at home. You can pick and choose your movies."

"At home. Only if you go with girls, then you go (to the movie theater)."

"On a DVD at home. Just kick it with your friends ... and watch some movies."

Barometer of Cool appears on Saturdays, compiled by Jason Genegabus <jason@starbulletin.com>. His regular columns include Barfly and In the Mix.

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