Anti-drug program
coming to Hawaii

Hawaii-born movie actor Kelly Preston said a rehabilitation program called Narconon International saved her life after a decade of drug use.

A former drug addict introduced Preston -- who started experimenting with drugs at age 15 -- to the program after she abused marijuana, Quaaludes, Ecstasy and cocaine until her mid-20s.

Preston stopped using drugs through the program. "I just got off all of them through this," she said.

Through Narconon, Preston wants to help drug users in Hawaii combat their problem and educate youths about the dangers brought on by drugs.

Preston will soon be featured in a public service announcement in Hawaii directed to parents to talk to their children about drugs.

Preston said she was alerted to the drug problem -- mainly the crystal methamphetamine, or "ice," epidemic in the state -- after watching producer Edgy Lee's documentary on ice.

"That really woke me up to what was happening," she said.

Narconon International, based in Los Angeles, plans to open two rehabilitation centers on Oahu for adults and juveniles.

"It's still in the exploratory process," said Clark Carr, president of Narconon.

Carr said the long-term plan is to establish 18 rehabilitation centers in Hawaii.

Preston and Carr have met with principals from 10 private and public schools, as well as government officials, to see how they can help reduce drug use in Hawaii.

Narconon has 120 drug rehabilitation centers in 40 countries. The program has a 75 percent success rate.

Narconon International

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