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How many rights should fetuses have?

I do not think that George W. Bush's re-election gives the pro-lifers any sort of mandate on abortion. Indeed, some pro-life people have been arguing with me that the unborn should have equal rights. I suppose we should extend equal rights to our skin cells, since the cells can be cloned into life. Where shall we draw the line? Shall we give each and every skin cell health insurance at taxpayers' expense? If we are to all have equal justice, then shouldn't we all be protected like President Bush?

Phil Robertson

It makes no sense to go after homeless

Our judicial system is backed up with citations issued to the homeless in a vain effort by the city to control the growing homeless population

I attended a neighborhood board meeting several months back and was shocked to hear a report from the Waikiki-area police major who said that in the Waikiki district alone, 653 citations were issued for one single month. As anyone who works within our court system can tell you, only a few appear in court, much less have money to pay these citations or are fit for community service. So what's the point?

Now that Act 50 is on the books, our courts are going to spend even more tax dollars on court costs for those who sleep in our parks for lack of any other place to go. It's time to take another approach, like housing these people.

Timothy A. Cook

Bus fares aren't unfair to taxpayers

In his Dec. 24 letter, Paul Smith complains that subsidizing bus fares unfairly burdens homeowners who might find paying property taxes difficult. Smith's let-them-eat-cake argument does not only fail to acknowledge its impacts on the many who cannot afford higher bus fares, but on everyone else as well. Raising bus fares increases car use, which increases potholes, the enormous cost of road maintenance and repair (a massive subsidy for automobile users that apparently does not trouble Smith), traffic and commuting times, air pollution and global warming. Increased petroleum consumption increases the pressure to drill in pristine areas and, ultimately, to go to war over oil reserves.

Bus riding should be strongly encouraged, not strangled.

Jessica Wooley

Here's a secret we can all live with

A centenarian in Hilo was recently asked: "What's the secret of your long life?" He answered, "Don't die."

Tetsuji Ono
Hilo, Hawaii

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