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Should a woman abort a future woman?

Mazie Hirono writes, in regard to abortion, about a woman's right to make fundamental decisions about her own body (Letters, Dec. 2). Each time I hear that statement, two paradoxes come to mind. First, if the fetus that's to be aborted is itself a female, shouldn't that future woman also have complete control over her tiny body? If she is aborted, then the mother is saying no, a woman does not have complete control over her body; yet the woman who chooses abortion simultaneously is saying yes, a woman does have complete control over her body. A woman being able to abort another woman is a troubling contradiction.

Second, if a woman could go back in time to when her mother was pregnant with her, how would she have advised her mother on the abortion issue? If she pushed the issue, her mother might have aborted her, hence she never would have been born; but then she would never would have been able to push the issue. Another paradox.

I must say that I'm very happy my mother did not have a choice. And I'm sure Mazie is also (secretly) very happy, too.

Jeffrey Herman

Bill 53 would restore proper balance

William H. Cooper (Letters, Dec. 10) is concerned that Bill 53 would take away conversion rights of the lessees. The lessees always had conversion rights. What Chapter 38 did was enable them to force a land owner to sell the land and ownership of the apartment for the conversion. It made taking away land and apartment from an unwilling seller legal; this is almost tantamount to confiscation. Bill 53 would restore the previous balance between buyer and seller.

The issue is confused with his use of the word "owner" in the terms apartment owner and owner occupant, or home owner. They are lessees, not owners. A real "owner" is one who owns the apartment fee simple. That ownership is like owning a house and lot; eviction does not enter into the matter.

Cooper appears to believe eviction would take place automatically at lease end. Eviction would be started only if the lessee tries to stay on without buying a new lease. That would be like trying to stay in a rental apartment without paying rent.

Cooper seems not to understand that to regain the right to occupy the apartment after the lease term ends, the lessee would have to buy a new lease. That is a legal requirement that always existed and applies to any kind of property, from cars to warehouses. Chapter 38 or Bill 53 have nothing to do with that. Buying a lease is getting a guaranteed term of occupancy by paying all the rent up front. Doing it that way the cost is much less than paying rent month by month, and still less yet than buying the fee for conversion.

Ted Chernin

Job Corps believes in its graduates

I was a single mother of two small children on welfare when my aunty told me about the Job Corps program. I enrolled with the goal of learning job skills in order to get off welfare and make a better life for my family.

I soon realized Job Corps offered so much more than job training. I learned to manage time, money and my talents. The employability, leadership and social skills programs were something I never realized I needed for success at a job. My two children were cared for at the child development center right there at the campus while I attended training.

After graduation I worked as an educational assistant and took college courses. Several years later, I heard Job Corps had an opening for a residential adviser. I knew this was the opportunity for me to make a difference in the lives of young adults and for me to give back to the program that was a huge part of improving my future. I was hired at Job Corps four years ago and have been promoted twice. My students are always inspired when I tell them I was once a student.

Thank you, Job Corps, for believing in me!

Lucy Salas

New route should use smaller buses

I have had the opportunity to ride the new E-route, the latest bus route with the silver articulated stretch buses, and I don't get it. Why do we even have this route to begin with? There are few passengers riding on it, and the handful who do could fit on a standard bus anyway.

We need these new stretch buses for the No. 2 and No. 13 routes, as anyone who has suffered the overcrowded buses knows. Something needs to change soon for these routes.

Again we have mismanagement of public funds, and it would appear that no one in city government rides TheBus.

Timothy A. Cook

Welcome to a generic shopping experience

Just visited the new Wal-Mart recently. It took me all of 10 minutes to swing around the place. "Same-ole-same-ole" was my reaction.

Welcome to Generica! (That's a synonym for America, a place that features familiar landscapes no matter where you go.) Deja vu hits you suddenly as you look around the parking area where you lost your car and after noting all the golden arches, Jack-in-the-Box, Pizza Huts, shopping malls and subdivisions, realize you're lost, but strangely at home at the same time.

Welcome all you W.O.O.F.S. (Well-Off Older Folks). You're now in Generica!

Teddi Medina
Pearl City

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