Emilie de Ravin and Dominic Monaghan in a scene from the Dec. 1 episode of "Lost." De Ravin says she has a weakness for vintage clothing when she's not in her pregnant suit.

Actresses plan to glam
it up for the holidays

It's getting to look and feel a lot like Christmas for everyone, including the "castaways" of ABC's hit series "Lost."

The four female co-stars -- Evangeline Lilly, Emilie de Ravin, Yunjin Kim and Maggie Grace -- are looking forward to a two-week holiday hiatus and a chance to swap their survival garb for dress-up events.

The Star-Bulletin asked the actors about their fashion likes and dislikes, and holiday hopes and dreams.

1. How do you put your signature style on an outfit?

Evangeline Lilly: Every girl has got ying. My style is yang. I always have something slightly masculine about the way I dress. I like trousers better than skirts. I may wear a man's tie with a very feminine outfit, a fedora or a men's suit jacket. I don't like to wear earrings because my ears kind of stick out. I may wear a ring, or anklet, or bracelet or a necklace, but not all at once. I never want to look too perfect, too fancy or too glamorous.

I do love shoes. If you open my shoe closet -- yes, I do have a shoe closet -- every color of the rainbow is in there. I like to wear heels when I'm dressed up, flats when I'm out around town. I love any shoe that has a very vintage look. Almost all of my shoes look like they're from another era; even my flat and casual shoes have that other-era look. And I love brown.

Maggie Grace: Very feminine, flowing. I like a lot of vintage touches. I wear my mom's accessories from the '70s. I have my dad's shammy from the '60s. Mom's macramˇ belt, and it's the real deal. I have to admit that how I dress often borders on costuming, and I have to pull myself back a lot of times.

I like wearing simple jewelry. I have a lot of antique carved cameos, very girlie vintage stuff like pearls, and dangling earrings. I'm not really into designer shoes. I have some mid-'40s rhinestone-encrusted, little heels -- 2 inches -- and they're very slim with that peekaboo toe. I love them. I also have these button-up, Victorian-type leather boots that come just above the ankle.

Emilie de Ravin: I like vintage clothes, either real or remakes, like back to the '50s style, which I love. If I'm going out for an evening, I wear heels definitely; maybe 4 inches high. I like Jimmy Choo. I try not to buy expensive shoes, but I confess I've bought shoes costing about $400. I don't really have a color preference, though I tend to like pink more than green or blue. I do own every color of something, but I don't have much orange. I'm not a huge orange fan.

Yunjin Kim: I don't wear a lot of jewelry. I didn't even pierce my ears. If I ever wear jewelry, it will be a simple necklace or bracelet. I want to show off the dress, not everything else that I have on.

When it comes to fashions, I like less trendy things. For me the size is really crucial because I am very petite. If I go to Calvin Klein for a dress, it always feels a little too big on me. If I want to do a little more casual, I have to find a size 2, which can also be a size 0 depending on the designer. Club Monaco is really, really huge.

I like bright colors. No patterns. I used to stick with black or white in my early 20s to look more grown up, but now I like color.

If I put on jeans, I wear a T-shirt, a tank top. I'm definitely getting dressed up for Christmas and New Year's because I'll never get to do that on "Lost."

2. What are your holiday plans?

EL: I'm going home to be with my family in Vancouver. I'll hang with my posse, some amazing girlfriends, and we'll probably go rip it up first at a really great restaurant, then maybe go dancing later where there's jazz.

ED: I'm usually in the same spot every Christmas and New Year's, so I'll go back to Melbourne with my boyfriend Josh. I'll spend time with my mom and my sister and her family. I hope I can have a really lovely, simple, down-to-earth Christmas, like it's supposed to be.

YK: I'm going home to Korea to see family and friends and my 14-year-old dog. My mom is flying in from New Jersey.

3. Do you have any makeup tricks for looking good all evening?

EL: I'm lucky because I have very dry skin, so my makeup stays for, like, 12 to 16 hours. It doesn't budge. I don't really need to use anything.

ED: Lip gloss. Honestly, that's all I do. I know I should say something like I bring this mixture of lemon juice and tea with a spritzer to spray myself, but for me, lip gloss is such a good touch. If I'm going out for something really special, I'll do some mascara.

YK: The blotter paper sheets when you don't powder yourself often. Sometimes your foundation, your makeup can get really, really cakey throughout the night. So you just use those sheets to blot it out, and your makeup looks really fresh. I always carry lip gloss.

4. What do you always have in your purse for holiday events?

EL: Everything. I'm one of those girls who has a satchel instead of a purse. My satchel stays in the car so I can go out to it and replenish what I need into my dainty, fashionable purse.

In my fashionable purse I always, always have things for my lips and my cheeks. I'll bring blush, or a bronzer to give my cheeks color, my wallet, ID, mini hairspray. I love M.A.C. makeup.

The rest of the satchel will have toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, perfume, floss, paper and pen, a razor in case I need to shave under my legs or my armpits. Trust me, I have shaved on the spot.

ED: A camera, because the holidays are a time when you're with people you care about and may not see very often. And a flask! No, just kidding. I always carry lip gloss, the kind that smells like roses. I'm not a big makeup person, so that part of my purse is empty.

MG: Mistletoe. I have to carry it with me to make sure I get a New Year's kiss. But I always carry a little digital camera wherever I go. I'm a picture person.

YK: Blotting paper and lip gloss. I don't ever do eye shadow or go over my makeup at a party.

5. What was your best New Year's Eve?

EL: Almost all my adult years I've spent working New Year's Eve. I used to be a waitress, so New Year's for me is not a big deal. But if I could pick a dream one, it would be just be me and the one person I love. We would be alone somewhere really amazing and really foreign, like on a beach in India or the top of a hotel in Egypt, someplace romantic and simple.

ED: Last year, I was in Australia with my boyfriend and hung out with my best girlfriend and her boyfriend. We just drank some champagne and watched fireworks. Really nice, and wonderful company.

MG: It's always anticlimactic, no matter what you do. I had one New Year's Eve in England that was really amazing. I like to be someplace new, where I've never been before. That's the only way to do it. You can be having a cup of coffee in a cafe somewhere, and it's special and perfect because it's so new. Whenever I've stayed in L.A. or Ohio for New Year's, everyone has such high expectations there's no way to meet them.

YK: Any year I'm with my family. I hate being away from home during the holidays. As for New Year's, I like spending it with the person I am in love with, so just about anything you do is special.

6. If "Lost" is nominated for Emmy awards, what will you wear?

ED: Whatever I feel like wearing at the moment or two hours before. A lot of people make a mistake by trying to be too different and too out there. If I want to stand out, I don't want to stand out in the wrong way. I prefer classic style, maybe some things that don't match perfectly.

MG: A sophisticated, classically cut dress. I like to pair things that normally wouldn't go together, to shake things up a little. I just wore a dress to a fund-raising event in Hollywood by Luca Luca, a really tight, black, diamond-encrusted bodice and really low (V-cut), but not quite a J.Lo effect. I'm not that brave. Maybe if I had J.Lo's figure I would be. But it definitely looked very sexy.

Whatever it is, I have to make sure I can walk in it and not hobble. I've learned from experience. I'm really a klutz. I think really high heels can be very cute and sexy when you leave the house, but if you're going to be standing and walking for hours, you're going to pay the price. It isn't so much the pain, but the feeling like you're going to topple over.

YK: I don't ever do a lot with my hair. If you're an actress, you have to look like yourself but always your very best. People's eyes have to go to your face, not your hair. Don't do so much to yourself that you're difficult to recognize. I like elegant but simple. If I'm still this tan, I might wear something gold to bring out the tan, a long dress and a darker gold or go bold with white for shoes. It all depends on the type of purse I'll be carrying. If your shoes match your purse, that's always OK.

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