Hannemann will keep
popular Waikiki events

Sunset and Brunch on the Beach
are part of the mayor-elect's vision
for the region

Mayor-elect Mufi Hannemann vowed that the popular Sunset on the Beach and Brunch on the Beach events initiated under Mayor Jeremy Harris "will not disappear under the Hannemann administration."

Hannemann outlined his vision for Waikiki this week at the Waikiki Improvement Association annual meeting at the Radisson Waikiki Prince Kuhio Hotel.

The crowd loudly cheered when he said he would not eliminate the monthly beach events.

"Sunset on the Beach isn't going to take away (funds) from the stoplight that needs fixing, the pothole that needs to be filled or the park that needs cleaning," said Hannemann, explaining that he would look for more support from private sponsors who benefit from the events.

He also said he was interested in helping other communities start their own version of the same event. He suggested, for example, "Sunset on the Park."

Hannemann, who campaigned saying he would run Honolulu as a business with him serving as chief executive officer, told the crowd he wanted them to see him as "a mayor who can market and promote."

Hannemann gave credit to Harris for improvements to Waikiki and said he wants to continue many of the same initiatives but has some reservations.

Hannemann reiterated statements made during the campaign that he has always wanted to confine the Bus Rapid Transit to Kuhio Avenue.

"But I realize the BRT is operating, and we've got to make it work."

He stressed that part of improving Waikiki is ensuring public safety and security. He said he does not want publicity about Hawaii's drug problems scaring tourists away. He said he will work to make the streets safer.

Hannemann also said he wants to:

» Build a public-private partnership to improve the Honolulu Zoo.

» Promote sports events such as the Pro Bowl with accompanying events such as block parties and parades.

» Build business for the Hawai'i Convention Center.

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