$6M spent in
mayor’s race

Hannemann and Bainum
topped the sum spent in
the 2000 race by $2 million

Candidates Mufi Hannemann and Duke Bainum spent a combined total of $2 million more in the 2004 mayoral race than was spent by the three candidates in the 2000 campaign.


Cost of the 2004 campaign for mayor (money raised and spent by candidates between 2000-2004):

Mufi Hannemann:

Raised: $2,258,838
Spent: $2,200,835
Debts: $222,432

Duke Bainum:

Raised: $4,051,823
Spent: $4,026,467
Debts: $2,736,665

Source: State Campaign Spending Commission

This year, Bainum, who lost, spent $4 million, while Hannemann, the winner, spent $2.2 million.

In 2000, incumbent Mayor Jeremy Harris spent $2.5 million, Hannemann spent $1.2 and former Mayor Frank Fasi spent $200,000.

The difference in the campaign funds this year is that Hannemann raised most of his money from private donors and corporations, while Bainum tapped family funds.

"I've always said I'm not a wealthy man, nor do I come from a family that has a lot of wealth. I didn't have that kind of advantage that my opponent has," Hannemann told reporters yesterday.

Bainum was traveling on the mainland and unavailable for comment.

Hannemann added that "we were outspent 2-to-1, and we emerged victorious on Nov. 2 so we must've done something right with the way that we spent money, which is the way we're going to manage the city budget."

The campaign spending reports were filed yesterday with the state Campaign Spending Commission.

The reports show that Bainum financed his own campaign, with $2.7 million coming in loans from himself. An additional $300,000 came in contributions from Bainum and his family.

In comparison, Hannemann's report showed loans of $220,000. Family and personal donations to Hannemann's campaign added up to just $50,000.

Yesterday's report tallied up the spending in the last two weeks of the campaign, and it showed that Bainum loaned his campaign $427,000 and spent $487,000.

Hannemann, in the closing two weeks of the campaign, picked up $286,000 and spent $346,000.

Because of the loans from himself, Bainum's campaign ended with a $2.7 million deficit, while Hannemann reported a deficit of $134,000.

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