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Lahaina school gets new classroom early

I want to thank the Star-Bulletin and reporter Gary Kubota for an astute and timely article referring to our facilities problem at King Kamehameha III Elementary School in Lahaina ("Tent covers special ed 'classroom' in Lahaina / Teachers await a trailer to replace a termite-eaten portable" Star-Bulletin, Aug. 25).

The article created a wave of outrage from the community, Board of Education members and legislators that resulted in the classroom trailer that was to arrive several months from now, being delivered Aug. 31. The power of the Star-Bulletin's article brought the building from Oahu to Maui and to our campus in less than a week from its printing.

The children and school staff members thank you for bringing to light our school's special problems. The article also has helped to stimulate community dialogue for a new school on the west side. Thank you for your support.

Barry Wurst
Special education teacher
King Kamehameha III Elementary School
Lahaina, Maui

Mini-motorcycles are a dangerous nuisance

Regarding the story "Police to cite pocket bike riders" Star-Bulletin, Aug. 28:

Just what is the purpose of these tiny motorcycles that zoom up and down my neighborhood streets and sidewalks making that awful noise and irritating people and animals?

Are these guys trying out to be circus clowns by riding something so tiny?

I see no redeeming value for children/adults riding such high-cost toys, especially when they cannot afford them, and when they could be enriching their lives by studying, playing sports, learning art and music, volunteering to help others -- bettering themselves physically and mentally.

Our government need to enforce driving regulations for these motorcycles before a child, adult, or pedestrian gets hurt or killed. The only smart ones benefiting are the sellers of these bikes who will make a profit. "Be a big boy and ride a big toy" is my motto.

Adriano Lorenzo Jr.

WMD misinformation has a long life span

A recent University of Maryland survey found that half the people in the United States still believe that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and ties to al-Qaida -- despite a lack of supporting evidence! It makes me think of a story I once read in a book on mental disorders.

There once was a man who thought he was dead. No amount of logical persuasion could convince him otherwise. Then one of his doctors got a bright idea. He asked, "Do dead men bleed?" The man responded indignantly, "Of course, dead men don't bleed!"

The doctor then picked up a scalpel and nicked the back of the man's hand. Looking at the back of his bleeding hand in amazement the man exclaimed "My God, dead men DO bleed!"

Once people make up their minds that something is so (or not so), no amount of evidence (or lack of evidence) will convince them otherwise. Just think of all the trouble this gets us into.

J. Barton Young


"I guess God was covering my butt."

Sgt. Aaron Carvalho
Big Isle Army reservist and Purple Heart recipient, recalling that a nurse found Carvalho's crucifix when he rolled him over to change his bandages.

Case is an independent voice in Congress

Democratic Congressman Ed Case has not taken the usual path to political success, which makes him a champion to independent voters.

Having spoken with him a few times, I continue to respect his style of leadership and his authentic voice for his constituency. In a two-party system, officials like Case can play an important role when dealing with issues that may have a strong partisan divide. Voters in Hawaii's second congressional district should be well-served by voting for Ed Case.

Karen Yukie Yamada
Wailuku, Maui

Newscaster falls flat on his arias

So Joe Moore calls "Hawaii Five-0" Polynesian? Since when did The Ventures become Polynesian? I think Moore should keep his comments to himself and just report the news ("Warrior fight songs have Jones and Moore fired up" Star-Bulletin, Aug. 27).

Maybe KHON should create a local TV talk show called "Late Night with Joe Moore." I think his opinions will be better served in that venue than at the end of a once-respected newscast. KHON should place a disclaimer before Joe gives his opinion to the general public.

I'd watch "Late Night with Joe Moore" over David Letterman (on CBS) only because the criticism Letterman has over New York can be displaced with Joe Moore's remarks about our beloved state and city governments. Can you imagine Moore's nightly Top Ten lists?

Craig Watanabe
Keaau, Hawaii

Dogs are companions, not canapes

About the story, "Police look into theft and sale of dog meat" Star-Bulletin, Aug. 20:

Dogs are faithful, intelligent, lovable and constant companions to men and women. No animal in the whole universe can give so much joy and intimacy to a human being as a dog. No matter what anyone thinks or says, or what any culture may believe, I would never eat a dog. Would you?

Tetsuji Ono
Hilo, Hawaii

Newly resurfaced H-1 gives a smooth ride

On behalf of the thousands of folks who use the freeway every day, thanks to the state and the contractors who refinished the Diamond Head-bound lanes of the Moanalua/H-1 freeway.

After months of road closures, driving on partially "shaved" surfaces, etc., the finished product is simply wonderful! The first time I drove on the newly finished surface, I almost opened my door to get out and see where I stopped because the ride was so quiet and smooth.

I'm sure others will join me in saying, "Job well done!"

P. Yasuhara



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