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Name one reason to vote for Bush

Columnist Marc Masferrer, of the Lufkin Texas Daily News, asks for "one reason to vote for Kerry" (July 26). Kerry's demonstrated character, intellect, experience and sophistication make him superbly qualified to be a fine president who will be able to repair the enormous damage of the Bush administration. There is not one reason that qualifies George W. Bush except family connections.

Nancy Bey Little

Tax-cut whiners need more fiscal discipline

Like a broken record, Vice President Cheney and President Bush keep repeating their mantra that Sen. John Kerry has voted against tax cuts 350 times. Did it ever occur to them that Kerry had good reasons for saying "no"? The negative ads run by the Republican attack machine also fail to mention Kerry supported more sensible tax cuts instead of rubber-stamping whatever was put in front of him.

Just because you want a tax cut, that does not mean you need one or should have one. Any parent or adult knows there are times when you must say "no" to children who keep insisting they want something that may not be good for them. And most parents can tell you they have probably had to say "no" at least 350 times while waiting for their kids to grow up.

We need leaders who have the spine and maturity to exercise financial discipline, even if it means saying "no" when spoiled children whine that they want a higher allowance.

Rich Figel

City does its best to eliminate parking

Regarding the July 27 Star-Bulletin story, "Group wants to limit Honolulu Zoo parking":

Zoo officials are actually correct. Just stand at the makai side of the parking lot for a few mornings and watch the handicapped stalls fill with surfers sporting disabled signs. They grab their surfboards and sprint to the beach.

Many other stalls are taken by people like myself who park there and walk to the stores or restaurants on Kalakaua Avenue. If there is a sign that it for the zoo patrons only, I have certainly missed it. As for hotel workers and condo owners, both the zoo parking lot and the Ala Wai have long been the answer for second cars or even first cars. Many condos are sold sans parking.

The city, aka Mayor Harris, has been working for years to remove traffic from Waikiki. Traffic has gotten worse. It will continue to worsen as the mayor's dream becomes Waikiki's nightmare.

Arnold van Fossen

There are ways to ease Waikiki parking

The solution to the parking situation in Waikiki is fairly easy. Hotels should provide free shuttles, bus passes, better/safer bicycle storage, van-pooling and parking to employees. They already have access to the buses, mini-buses, vans and land. It's not fair for hotel executives to expect residents of Waikiki to give up bigger sidewalks and bicycling paths that better our quality of life, just so they can save money and provide their employees with parking.

Hotel executives don't live in our neighborhood. It takes a lot less innovation and thinking to pick up a sign and protest than it does to have a meeting of the minds and come up with a plan that doesn't hinder improvements to our community.

Hotel executives, put down the "markers," pick up a pen and get together to find a solution that considers: "If my family and I lived in this area..."

Raymond Franco

Arroyo embarrassed Filipino Americans

I am deeply embarrassed by the action taken by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo of the Philippines (in withdrawing troops from Iraq early to appease hostage-takers). I was born in the Philippines, moved to Hawaii at an early age, joined the U.S. Army (now retired) and am now living in Colorado. I am proud of my Filipino heritage -- I founded the first Filipino-American Community in Southern Colorado and have strongly endorsed teaching customs, traditions and cultures to our younger generations.

A few days ago a gentlemen asked for my opinion about the decision made of "my" Philippine president. I was stunned and embarrassed, and I had to stop and think about my reaction. I then realized that I was wearing a shirt that has Philippines emblazoned on it.

I politely turned to this gentlemen and stated, "I don't follow politics in the Philippines. I received my U.S. citizenship 50 years ago and I am sorry but I don't have any comments about why the president of the Philippines pulled the troops from Iraq."

I do feel that Filipinos living here in Colorado have the same feeling of embarrassment as I do.

Ron Nono
Colorado Springs, Colo.




Hawaii's police officers are forced to endure the tropical heat and humidity in dark blue uniforms. It must get pretty uncomfortable, especially for the solo-bike officers. So this month's question is: If you could design a new uniform for our hard-working public safety officers, what would it look like? (Be nice!) Think about material, color, footwear and the different departments (patrol, detectives, solo bike, bicycle ...). We'd love to hear from members of our police force for this one, too.

Send your ideas -- include your name, address and phone number -- by Aug. 20 to:

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