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Democrats embraced change this session

This legislative session really showed who's working to better the lives of Hawaii's people and not for special interests and petty partisan bickering. The governor and her followers in the Senate and House can't think for themselves. If the Democrats had not had the courage to override the vetoes, nothing would have come out of the legislative session.

Is this the change that voters wanted? I say find a governor and legislators who can work for all of Hawaii instead of just giving lip service. I applaud the Democrats for pushing through a good compromise ice bill and education bill.

The governor, like the president, operates with tunnel vision. The arrogance of the Republicans will be their downfall. I am an independent, but I see who's really working for change and who's just talking about about change.

Al Fukumoto

Taking prison pictures was self-incriminating

God keep us. Have we become so stupid and naive? Who takes the pictures in the jails of Iraq? Can they do the same in San Quentin, Soledad, Attica, Sing Sing and broadcast it around the world in living color?

Talk about shooting ourselves in the foot. All presidents and every one of us, including the senators, the representatives, the governors and the chiefs of police, have dirty laundry. Something to hide. A skeleton in the closet. But we don't tell anybody. We don't show everybody. We don't take photos of it. We don't send stories or pictures to the newspapers.

Just remember, try to keep your underwear clean, in case you have cardiac arrest.

John L. Werrill

Shall we read them a bedtime story, too

Here's an idea: Why don't we just give those Iraqi prisoners a kiss on the cheek and blow in their ears? That's sure to elicit the information we need to save American lives. If they refuse to talk, we force them into a warm bed with some cotton pajamas for the evening with a great big pillow and nice cool breeze.

If they don't talk in the morning we can get downright brutal and release them! That'll teach them to mutilate our civilians and hang their burnt corpses over bridges. What the heck do our commanders in the field know about winning wars anyway? American amnesia, get it at a newsstand or water cooler near you today. Praise be to Allah and God bless America. Hurry!

Kerry Lewis

You can help schools with 'Bucks for Books'

"Bucks for Books" is an ingenious idea to get more textbooks to our classrooms (Star-Bulletin, April 21). To you out there who wanted to do something for our school kids, this is one way. And you get a bargain in the process: $40 for a year's subscription to the Star-Bulletin instead of the regular rate of $135.

The best part is, you get to designate the school where your money goes. Call 529-4899 to get the details.

Roy E. Shigemura

All parents should have choice of schools

In response to Aina Haina Elementary Principal Justin S.N. Mew's letter, "Public school is fine for principal's kids" (May 13), all is fine and dandy for Mew and his kids in public schools, but not all are as fortunate as he. Mew implies that he has a choice in the matter of which public school he chooses to send his kids. Choice is great, but not all are afforded it.

What about the parents who do not have the choice of where to send their children to school?

Mew concludes with, "Yes, I am so proud of my school that I want my own son to attend." The significance here is the word want, which implies choice, once again. Every parent should have the ability to act for their children upon what they want and feel is best for them.

It's wonderful that Mew is a happy and satisfied parent. Now, shouldn't all parents be?

Stephanie Ghilarducci
Grassroot Institute of Hawaii

Ode to a shrinking streets of Waikiki

"The Vision that Backfired"

The streets are shrinking in Waikiki

Restricted to Nikes, bikes and the BRT

With bull-nosed bulb-outs for all to see

No more left turns where you need to go,

Because of decorated sidewalks and curbs for show

Turns too tight for buses, and there's no place to park

Stealth deliveries will have to be made in the dark

Cars and buses forgotten and all but gone

A half-mile stretch between BRT stops is the norm

The Triathlon Workday makes its debut

First you bike, then you walk then you ride in your suit

A community circulator, a trolley maybe

But not the behemoth BRT

Is what really may work for the shrinking streets of Waikiki.

Michelle S. Matson


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