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Elitist editorial seems to distrust voters

At the conclusion of your Nov. 20 editorial on homosexual marriage, you wrote, "That determination, like decisions on other human-rights issues, should be determined in court, not at the ballot box."

Fortunately, not all is lost, when you look around this planet you can still find quite a few states that are ruled by dictators. They are all prospering, have happy populace and are leading the world in human rights, scientific advances, and in general have a much higher standard of living than the United States, a country that still clings to an outdated idea that the uneducated masses should have a say in how they are ruled.

Boris Umylny

How about a for-profit prison on Kahoolawe?

As a U.S. citizen, I was relieved when the island of Kahoolawe was returned to the state, even though the military was haphazard in correcting the damage inflicted from years of target practice. The issue stands as a metaphor for the way the Hawaiians, like the island itself, have been under constant fire for the overall benefit of the colonizer. Although the hurt of past actions can not easily be remedied, I believe that wrongs can be made right, which is why I would like to urge all Hawaii residents to consider the possibility of building a prison on the island.

Nobody wants a prison in their back yard. With Kahoolawe' isolation, it has the potential to be an energy self-sufficient facility that could provide a service to society, but also could strengthen the economy as another viable industry: correction.

The money generated could go toward revitalizing the island, improving access by building docking stations for boats and helicopters, and Hawaiian cultural preservation such as fishponds. Furthermore, we could ensure that our incarcerated can be made pono by being guided by Hawaiian values, rather than being sent away to the mainland. And try escaping from Kahoolawe -- you'll either get your foot blasted off or your arm bitten off.

As a descendant of Hawaiian, Japanese, Chinese, German, Irish and English ancestors, I understand the need for our Hawaiian people to retain what little we can of our fragile heritage. But I also truly believe that we can find creative solutions that could serve the greater premise.

Matthew Kaopio Jr.

Bush drags down Americans' reputation

Another new low has been set by the Bush administration. So Russia, France and Germany had differences with President Bush and his invasion of Iraq. Now all those who could not be blackmailed into the invasion coalition cannot help rebuild Iraq.

Even though we, the American public, know Bush and his administration lied to the country and the world about the reason to invade Iraq, most of us turn our eyes away as they bully Americans and the world to bow down to them.

It also is not good that all Americans are being blamed when other countries report on what the Bush administration is doing. The Americans did this and the Americans did that. This is not what the Americans are doing. It is what the Bush administration is doing.

What kind of example is Bush sending? Never mind laws, morality and ethics -- as long as you get what you want, well, that's OK.

Stephen Geimer

Please, racers, think about your families

This is to all those who race illegally on the streets. You obviously don't value your own lives or the lives of innocent people who might get hurt during your races.

The next time you plan to race, pause and at least think about your parents and family. Think what it will be like for them if you get killed. For the rest of their lives every Christmas, every birthday, every holiday will not be a joyous occasion but one of deep sadness thinking of you. You will have sentenced them to a life of grief.

Clark Himeda




Dirty gutter talk

Those orange rolls that highway engineers have been shoving into storm drain openings -- there must be a more efficient or practical or attractive way to filter out road debris. These things are about as useful and pleasing to the eye as huge, discarded cigarette butts.

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