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Every citizen should help deter crime

It is up to each of us to protect our homes against property crime. Although it is not the only answer to reducing crime, as citizens we can take action in our homes and communities that will lessen our risk of being a crime victim ("HPD Web site to have pictures of stolen property," Star-Bulletin, Nov. 29).

We can make it harder for criminals to target our homes. There is a "Home Security Checklist" on HPD's Web site ( We must know our neighbors. Knowing what is normal in our neighborhood allows us to identify what is suspicious. We must also report suspicious activity and crime to 911.

We need to create communities where neighbors look out for one another, and where criminals don't want to go. Start a neighborhood security watch. Call your local police station to get started. In Mililani, call the neighborhood Security Watch Office at MTA (440-2633). Crime is everyone's problem; we all must do our part in preventing it.

Jessica Wisneski

What does Lingle like about George Bush?

So Linda Lingle is going to deliver Hawaii to President Bush ("Republicans optimistic Bush will win Hawaii in presidential vote," Star-Bulletin, Dec. 4.) I wonder what she respects most about him:

>> Is it his ability to balance the budget? GW has created the biggest budget deficit in my life time, and he had some pretty stiff competition. I never thought that anyone could make John Waihee look tight by comparison. Please Linda, don't follow George's example.

>> Is it his great ability to manage the Iraq war? I thought that it was cute that he went to Iraq and posed with a prop. It was very appropriate that a plastic president posed with a plastic turkey. Unfortunately, soon after he left another American was killed.

>> Is it his total honesty? I just love the way he has provided total openness in the investigation of 9/11. Or his reasons to go to war in Iraq or Afghanistan. I just wonder if GW has ever told the truth as president. He makes Nixon look like the pope.

GW was a major reason why I quit the Republican Party. Republicans are supposed to stand for fiscal discipline, and state and individual rights. This president makes a mockery of such positions.

Erick Ehrhorn

Gay marriage is not for judges to decide

Your Nov. 20 editorial implies that Hawaii may be compelled to recognize gay marriages as a result of the recent decision in Massachusetts. I would like to offer a couple of comments.

First, judges shouldn't be making law. I believe your newspaper has offered editorials in the past arguing against the bench making new law.

Second, Hawaii and 37 other states view this as a moral issue rather than a human rights issue.

Last, as mentioned in your editorial, Massachusetts is required to give faith and credit to other states of the union. Logically, there should not be exceptions since other issues dear to the hearts of many people in this nation also may seek to hide under the same cloak.

Bill Nelson

Trustees' settlement betrayed Hawaiians

The Kamehameha Schools' trustees promised the Hawaiians they would fight the attacks against the Hawaiian preference admission policy. Never again on their watch, trustees announced, will a non-Hawaiian be admitted, and they would take the matter all the way to the Supreme Court. We Hawaiians marched, solicited signatures and demonstrated our commitment to support Kamehameha in the fight against both legal challenges. But the trustees reneged and betrayed the Hawaiians, all in the name of best legal strategy ("School lets non-Hawaiian stay," Star-Bulletin, Nov. 29).

It would have been a sound legal strategy for the trustees to announce that an opening in admissions is an opportunity for Hawaiians to attend Kamehameha and thus cannot be offered as collateral to settle a legal claim or threat. The trustees would have demonstrated consistency with it legal arguments if they reaffirmed that the policy was a vital part of its strategy to correcting past wrongs and announced even this one opening given to a Hawaiian would mean we were one step closer to improving on the capability and well-being of the Hawaiian people.

Now we can only hope that courts will overlook this shrewd maneuver to avoid legal issues being heard, and ignore this inconsistency in vision and flaw in integrity and leadership.

Kealamokihana Jackson
Kamehameha Schools Class of 1956

Put your own kid in Timmy Chang's cleats

To University of Hawaii quarterback Timmy Chang:

Forget about the Heisman, forget about the booing ... go out on the field and have fun and be competitive. If it's meant to be, it will happen.

To the booing fans:

During this holiday season of good cheer, peace, joy, love and happiness, my wish for each of you is that you never have a son who plays quarterback and gets booed by fans. There is a lot more to football, or any sport, besides winning.

Elaine Hoffman




Dirty gutter talk

Those orange rolls that highway engineers have been shoving into storm drain openings -- there must be a more efficient or practical or attractive way to filter out road debris. These things are about as useful and pleasing to the eye as huge, discarded cigarette butts.

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