Most subjects agreed with
Inoue astrological readings

The woman was given little info
about the five unnamed volunteers

Second of two parts

Astrologer Alice Inoue took Star-Bulletin columnist Dave Donnelly's comments earlier this year as a challenge.

Yesterday, we ran the astrological profiles of five individuals in the community and asked if you could match them up on the basis of those descriptions as provided by astrologer Alice Inoue without knowing who the subjects were. She was only given their birth dates, times and location of birth.

The story was a public showdown of sorts, to indicate whether astrology can be considered a road map to personality, after our columnist Dave Donnelly made a few dissing remarks earlier this year.

For the most part, the subjects agreed with their readings. Donnelly is still not convinced.

Here are brief recaps plus the subjects' responses:


Pamela Young

KITV news anchor and "Mixed Plate" producer

"You have a love of learning, have the love of sharing knowledge and also the belief that the more you know, the more successful you can be. You are also very much about the truth of any matter and especially hate to be given bad or wrong information.

"You are a traveler or have a love of travel and a great awareness of foreign cultures at the very least."

Young's husband Gary Sprinkle says: I think that pretty accurately describes someone born to be a reporter!

Pamela is fearless, sometimes to the extreme. Sometimes I wish she would exercise a little more caution before she commits herself to bungee jump, mountain climb or eat strange things.

I don't think this girl has ever stopped being on the go. She's used to doing five things at the same time. In her job, it's easy to overeat, overplay and overwork though I think she's slowly learning to pace herself.

She's a team player at work and is always encouraging and mentoring new people. She manages to smile even when facing a hardship or disappointment. I don't think she's ever bossy, but it's true she can't handle stress over a long period of time.

Young says: Not too many people have the opportunity to do the some of the things we've tried on "Mixed Plate." When it's laid in your lap, why not go for it?

I think the news business gives you a different perspective. Change is challenge and we generally look forward to being surprised at what's around the next corner. I'm always optimistic things will work out, so they usually do.

I'm not sure if the stars in my chart have determined it, but I think it's easier to live with optimism. Expect a miracle! I really believe that.


Jason Momoa


"You thrive on always having something going on in your life. You do have somewhat of a self-destructive streak, though, in the sense that you are able to push your body beyond its limits quite easily. ... (You) will reinvent yourself many times over in your lifetime. If I were to meet you later in life, I know that you'd have some very interesting stories to tell about what you've done and where you've been."

Momoa's mother Coni says: So many points were right on. There were a couple Jason and I weren't sure of -- the love of technology? -- and I don't think he has a self-destructive streak, unless you call his love of extreme sports that.

But the part re: "break from tradition ... not do what's expected ... find balance" is something I've been telling him for years. And the creative part is so true.


Dave Donnelly

Star-Bulletin columnist

"You have a great love of learning, of obtaining facts, of being around people who are intelligent and full of knowledge. ... You are aggressive in a more subtle way than most people, and are willing to take chances as you possess an inner need to assert yourself, especially when it comes to what you believe in or what you believe is right."

Curmudgeon Dave says: On picking up the astrological reading prepared for me, I was not surprised that it began with my being "incredibly creative, instinctive, imaginative and dramatic." I mean, who could object to that? It goes on to say I get lost in my daydreams, which is news to me. If I weren't already a writer, she says I would make "a great actor, magician or even a con man ..." One out of three is good in baseball, bad in predictions.

There follows a lot of stuff, some of which could apply to a great many people, but only a few of which I felt were applicable to me, like being "quite shy" as a child, growing into a person of "high standards in your requirement for your partners and may have a hard time settling down with any of them," adding that Casanova had a similar placement of his moon. Amusing.

I came away with an appreciation for the maxim that even a blind pig finds a truffle now and again. If the reading had said I was "overly critical," I might have agreed.

Scorpio II

Michael O'Neill

Bank of Hawaii CEO

"You carry a quality of controlled and disciplined energy and are more aware of responsibility than most people. ... You have tremendous willpower and drive and can focus all your energy on your objective. Once you make up your mind to do something, you either achieve it or you die trying, which can make you appear to be inflexible. Think about a goat and how a goat will always climb to the top of a hill or mountain."

O'Neill says: Overall, pretty interesting. I think the last half of my life has been tougher than the first half, not the other way around. I confess to not believing in astrology but my assistant Mary (Hudson) thinks this is uncannily accurate, especially the goat analogy, as in "old goat."

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