Who's Who?

Match the people below with the astrological profiles prepared by Alice Inoue based on their birth times; we'll publish the answers, along with their or their loved ones' responses, tomorrow.

Young mug
Pamela Young
KITV 4 News anchor and
"Mixed Plate" TV producer

Momoa mug
Jason Momoa
Former "Baywatch Hawaii" star
and athlete still acting

Donnelly mug
Dave Donnelly
Star-Bulletin columnist
started these "star wars"

O'Neill mug
Michael O'Neill
Chairman and
CEO of Bank of Hawaii Corp.

Henry mug
Michelle Henry
Fashion designer and
owner of Tea at 1024


You love to have fun and have a good time. You're very generous and optimistic and tend to see the bright side of things. I can see that you carry a "cheerleader" energy, often encouraging others, and maintaining a positive attitude in the face of a challenge. You are also very open minded and like to keep others happy.

Aries Symbol It is easy for you to "overdo" things that you enjoy as you have a pretty strong "over" energy, whether it's overeat, overplay, overwork, overindulge or oversleep. Keeping your weight at the level you want may be a constant challenge. You have a lot of energy though, and I'm sure that in your younger years you could go and go and go and seem to never tire. You can also be quite competitive.

You carry an energy where you make people feel safe when they are with you. I would say that one of your strengths is that you are able to get information out of people without them feeling threatened. You may make people feel comfortable through your happy sounding laughter or just your ability to create a light-hearted atmosphere.

You also have a "detective" energy about you, so I know that when you are emotionally attached to finding out about something you really have the drive to pursue it. You like to get in deep and are also good at deductive reasoning.

You are naturally quite impulsive, often jumping into things before thinking it through. I'm sure you've wondered many times, "What have I gotten myself into?" You are brave, will take chances and are almost fearless in the face of a challenge. I must say that you are also quite impatient at times and would rather just "do it" than sit around talking about it. When you do get angry, though, when you get it out, it blows over quickly. You're not the type to hold grudges or a lot of resentment.

You have a love of learning, have the love of sharing knowledge and also the belief that the more you know, the more successful you can be. You are also very much about the truth of any matter and especially hate to be given bad or wrong information.

You are also a traveler or have a love of travel and a great awareness of foreign cultures at the very least.

Scorpio I

You are someone whom I would not want to double cross, because once the damage was done, so to speak, you would be able to cut the warmth of our friendship off very easily. We wouldn't be able to reconnect again in the same way, no matter how much apologizing I did, and there would be no second chances easily given. It's not easy for you to forgive and forget.

Scorpio Symbol You do have an incredible ability to be calm in the midst of chaos or crises. Think of yourself like a symbolic ambulance driver in that you always find ambulances at the scene of a crisis. However, notice that the ambulance drivers do not get caught up in the crises around them -- they get out, do what they have to do and drive away. I want to suggest to you that you carry a similar energy, the ability to handle chaos well.

Once committed to something, whether it be a project or a person, you are very loyal, very driven, passionate and are willing to keep at it, immerse yourself and to go to lengths to get what you want. You have an investigative side and you have great follow-through once you get started on whatever it is you are doing. You really have great drive, and the ability and desire to achieve is strong. You also like to look for the new and progressive way to do things.

I think that your career is a big focus for you, although I do see a lot of focus placed on your home too. You may feel at times that you are pulled both ways. You carry a nurturing energy, and therefore I know that you have a willingness to get involved in others' issues and problems, although you probably hear others' problems much more than you express your own. You have empathy for other people as well as compassion.

You have very good taste and are able to recognize value. I would say that one of your signatures is that you are very quality driven. You would be the natural person to ask if one is trying to find the best of something -- the best doctor, the best florist, the best restaurant for Chinese food, etc. You either know a lot of people or have a lot of information about a lot of people, as you are driven by knowledge and knowing what out's there.

You are a great organizer of information, whatever the topic is. You are able to get in and get deep very quickly. You are excellent at impromptu questions and have the ability to switch topics quite easily. You can immerse yourself in your work, study, or research and go deep very easily. You have a great capacity for disciplined thinking. You probably have a lot of books and like to read.

By now you should have realized that your gut feelings about things are not only really strong but right on most the time. You are very intuitive and just seem to know things. For example, if someone's not being truthful, you should be able to sense it right off.

People may also feel like there is some sort of mystery about you, and it comes from the side of you that needs to keep things very private. You may come off as being aloof at times. If you need to speak up, you are not afraid to have a different opinion from the crowd. You don't have a great need to blend in or to say things just to be liked.


You are enthusiastic, outgoing, generous, ambitious and take great pride in what you do. You also like to be in charge or be in control of whatever you are involved in, whether it is a project or a relationship.

Leo Symbol You seem like a very fun person, so I can see you achieving anything you envision -- not going about it stressed out every step of the way, but more like you're having fun along the way and going with the flow. Your career will be more and more the main focus of your life; everyone that knows you and meets you will be aware of this. You will do whatever it takes to achieve success in that regard.

You are excellent in dealing with crises; in fact, you thrive on always having something going on in your life. You do have somewhat of a self-destructive streak, though, in the sense that you are able to push your body beyond its limits quite easily. You can go without sleep and without food, basically overdoing it when it comes to your body, and still be able to go on. You can push yourself to the extreme to accomplish what you need to do. You also show athletic ability in your chart and I would imagine you are able to train hard when you choose.

Your chart shows that you like technology, things that are on the cutting edge, and that you like to be where the action is and the where the changes are occurring. You thrive on change and movement in your life, and that drives you. You are not one to sit around and wait for things to happen. One of your strengths is your ability to position yourself very rapidly at whatever you get into and achieve leadership status quickly. You have good presentation skills, which you will continue to hone throughout your life.

You definitely have a gift for speaking and being smooth. You are social and place emphasis on doing and saying the right thing at the right time. You're charming and gracious when you want to be, also very artistic and creative. However, I also know that there's a side of you that desires to break from tradition, be politically incorrect and not do what's expected of you. Your challenge is to find the balance between these two.

You have and will make your money in very unusual patterns and ways. It will not be the 9-to-5, same job for your whole life. You will have many stories to tell about how you made your money and what types of jobs you've had. You have the ability to move into areas where you may not have the credentials required for the job and yet you are able to pull it off and be successful at it.

You have a great affinity with children. Children must love you and you have fun yourself when you are with them.

You will have many lifetimes within one lifetime. You may not see this yet but you will see it played out as the years go by. You will make the most of your life in every possible way. You are only 24 now and will reinvent yourself many times over in your lifetime. There are yet many interesting career changes still to come. If I were to meet you later in life, I know that you'd have some very interesting stories to tell about what you've done and where you've been. You have great potential.

Scorpio II

You come across to those you meet as a warm, optimistic and very self-confident person. You are capable of much success in the world, which should have been evident even in your younger years to those that knew you. You have a strong ability to manifest into your life that which you desire. Think back to when you were a child -- if you really wanted something, didn't you always find a way to get it?

Scorpio Symbol You carry a quality of controlled and disciplined energy and are more aware of responsibility than other people. If you look back you may feel that you never really had the chance to be a child, so it's not easy for you to really relax in your efforts to achieve your goals. You most likely acted older than your years, were comfortable in the presence of adults, and would say that overall, the first half of your life was more difficult than the last half. You will find that as you get older, you will feel that you are getting younger in some odd way. You are ambitious by nature and tend to feel kind of guilty if it seems that you are too happy or if you relax too much.

You are very conscientious, meticulous/detail-oriented/methodical in some area of your life and always strive for perfection. You may be quite self-critical at times, although others might not know it.

You are motivated by creating security for yourself and your family and you will work very hard to achieve that. You are extremely generous with your time and talents and often go above and beyond the call of duty to assist others. You are compassionate (although you probably don't show it) and naturally tend to take on responsibility for others. That is how you show that you care about someone. However, those that are close to you would probably say that you can be quite stubborn at times, as your strength is not in the area of compromising.

You have tremendous willpower and drive and can focus all your energy on your objective. Once you make up your mind to do something, you either achieve it or you die trying. You carry somewhat of an "all or nothing" energy, which can make you appear to be inflexible. Think about a goat and how a goat will always climb to the top of the hill or mountain. In the same way, you carry those energies and will set out to and steadily work toward goals you have set for yourself.

You are extremely quick-witted and an excellent writer and/or communicator, and have great teaching skills. Your communication skills have been honed so well over the years that you are admired for that and can express yourself well. You are aware of how to make a good impression and are able to do that.

When it comes to your working environment, it's difficult for you to stay behind a desk unless it is fully equipped with lots of opportunities to communicate with others (phones, computers, etc.). You are impatient with routine and you need things to be constantly in movement and continually covering a lot of ground. You dislike boredom and need to be constantly on the move and continuously mentally stimulated, especially at work.

Your tendency is to not to follow the straight line from "A" to "B" but go off course many times to see what's out there. You are willing to take tough stands for what you believe in and have the ability to take the "what's been done" mindset and imagine it in a different way, and then implement it. Your values stress independence and the ability to respond quickly to new opportunities.


Your chart shows that you are incredibly creative, instinctive, imaginative and dramatic. You can easily get lost in your daydreams, and escape into a world of your own. You would make a great writer, actor, magician, or even a good con man, as you are especially good at hiding what your actual goal or purpose is. You naturally carry an aura of mystery and are a person who wears many masks depending on the situation. You also don't like others to know exactly what you're doing and don't like to reveal yourself and your motives readily.

Virgo Symbol You may be extra sensitive on the physical level, and when you feel stress it may manifest as digestive system problems, allergies or sensitive skin. As a child you may have been difficult to diagnose at times. You were probably quite shy also. You have a tendency to worry about things and sometimes this affects your health. You really like things to be clean and germ-free. Also, at times, you can be sensitive to criticism.

On another note, your chart shows that you are very intuitive and I would think that using your gut feelings about people and situations has really helped you in your life. The times where you have based your decision on how you feel versus what you think has most likely been the right choice. It's a challenge for you to decide whether to go with the facts or go with how you feel, although by now you probably trust your instincts and know that they won't steer you wrong.

You are very discriminating in what you do and give great attention to detail. Sometimes others may consider you picky but it is because of your high standards. At your worst, you can carry this to extremes and be overly critical of others. Having some sort of routine in your life is important, whether it be in your daily schedule or how you go about doing certain tasks. You probably also have very decided food preferences.

You are aggressive in a more subtle way than most people, and are willing to take chances as you possess an inner need to assert yourself, especially when it comes to what you believe in or what you believe is right. You will definitely fight for what you want, but you will tend to do it in a behind-the-scenes or more subtle way to avoid confrontation.

You have a great love of learning, of obtaining facts, of being around people who are intelligent and full of knowledge. I would imagine that you love to read, have an interest in foreign cultures and enjoy learning from others and sharing ideas and adventures with them.

You are very willing to take advantage of opportunities that come your way. Even when you fail, you don't give up and bounce back from defeats. You rarely look back.

You are,for the most part, good-natured, fun-loving and sociable. Although your circle of friends may be large and diverse, you don't have as many close emotional bonds. All sorts of people intrigue you, and you are reluctant to limit yourself in your relationships. You have high standards in your requirements for your partners and may have a hard time settling down with any of them. Casanova is an example of someone who has a similar placement of his moon (representing emotions).

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